Today we are going to talk about what is the best way to market on Facebook.

I have been marketing on Facebook for probably 15 years. So the first thing I want to share is what is working right now. Next I’m going to share the big mistake that most people make. Lastly I’m going to share the keys to crushing it with your marketing on Facebook.

What is working right now on Facebook? 

This is something that there’s really been a crazy change in all of marketing just these last couple years and that is the the introduction of the short video. The short video phenomenon that we are living in right now. It all started with TikTok. Whether you like them or not, TikTok really initiated this major change and it has affected Instagram, Facebook…well it’s affected everyone. Short videos are the absolute top of the marketing food chain right now because they are the easiest to consume and they are the easiest way for you to get in front of people that don’t already know you. Without spending one dime.

We actually have Facebook reel’s (short viedeo) that have over a million views. I have one student that now has a video with over 15 million views. Now just to put that into perspective (by the way she didn’t spend a penny) the last Olympics was watched by fewer than 15 million people. She has a video that has 15 million views without spending a dime. Now how much did they spend on marketing? Probably a lot more. There’s just no question if you’re trying to market on Facebook, I would absolutely do Facebook reels. Now Zuckerberg recently said that he is in the process of allowing every area in the world to have access to Facebook reels but I find that there are still some people saying that they don’t have access. If you don’t have access, you don’t have access, that is what it is but if you do have access to Facebook reels and you’re not using them, I really question… are you serious about reaching your business goals because they are incredible.

In the past if you look at Facebook posts or Facebook lives, how did the algorithm work with them? How it worked is it would show that to a percentage of the people that already knew you or already followed you but really wouldn’t show it to strangers unless someone you were connected to already shared it and it just so happened they happen to be connected to that person. Well that’s the old algorithm. With Facebook reels, they take your content (they got this idea from TikTok) and they show it to who they think might like it whether they know you or not. This is like sorcery for marketing. This is unbelievable. In the past, some of the big marketing trends (example, google adwords was a huge marketing trend) you had to have money to make money. You had to pay to play. This is something that for free you are unlocking the most powerful way to reach more people (then ever seen before) whether they know you or not, this is absolutely the play on Facebook right now.

What is the big mistake that most people make?

What is the big mistake that I see people making on Facebook and quite frankly pretty much everywhere? Well there’s more than one, but the big one that I see people making is that they don’t understand the difference between prospecting and marketing. Prospecting is when you are reaching out to an individual whether you know know them or don’t know them, whether it’s a phone call, text message, email, direct message. Prospecting is you reaching out to an individual and you are having a conversation to lead them to a potential result. Whether you’re trying to sell them something, trying to get them to donate to something, whatever. Marketing is passive. You’re doing something you hope an unnamed individual reacts or responds to. Marketing could be like I mentioned a Facebook reel, Facebook live, it could be a billboard, a flyer in the the coffee shop, that’s marketing. You are doing something you hope that someone reacts or responds.

You want to learn and understand the different distinctions between what kind of language goes into each. If you reach out to someone and say, “hey, would you be open to taking a look at my company that helps people lose weight?” That might be a conversation that you would have in prospecting but that’s not a marketing thing. You would need to change it a little bit. It wouldn’t be “hey, would you be open to looking at my marketing thing or looking at my you know way of losing weight.” It would be a little bit different. Understand the nuances of marketing versus prospecting. Sometimes I will hear people that have learned some good script to use when prospecting and they will just lazily shellack it on their Facebook profile and that’s their post. It hardly ever works. The other thing is it simple if you are trying to build a business.

If you are here reading this post, you are trying to learn how to market on Facebook. Is it clear what it is that you do? One of the keys is not just in your bio, I want you to think about if I just scroll and I run across what you’re posting, can I quickly determine what it is that you do or who you actually help? Sometimes people hide what they do in their bio but their content doesn’t really reflect it. Here’s how I want you to think about your bio. Your bio is like information on the inside of a store. Someone would have to look inside the window to see what it is that you do if you’re reliant on your bio. Instead you’re marketing pieces, especially Facebook reels or Facebook lives, those are like your signs outside the store. That’s what indicates for someone to stop by and learn more about you. If you hide it on the inside of the store then you are going to have a lot fewer people really find out what it is that you do. Make sure that you’re thinking about the person that you’re trying to help, you’re using language that would attract them to you, that they would relate to and in the absence of a target market, help the person you used to be.

That’s one of my mantras. Help the person you used to be. I used to be someone that struggled with low self-esteem. I grew up in a very abusive home. I have been dead broke twice in my life. There’s a lot of pieces. I used to be a workaholic…. so there’s a lot of pieces of me that relates to other people that I could help and you can do that too.

Let’s hear from you.

Before we get to my last point, I would love to hear from you. Where do you struggle on Facebook with your marketing? What is it that you have tried? Certain things that didn’t work or do you just not know where to start? Drop me a comment. I would love to respond to it. I do read and respond to every single comment. Let me know how we can best help you. Maybe I take your comment and that becomes a video and I’ll give you a little shout out. Drop us a comment, let us know what you struggle with right now. 

What are the keys to crushing it?

I’m going to focus on two things right now.

Number one, working on your skills, constantly trying to get better at whatever it is that you’re doing. Whether it’s video, copywriting, posting the right type of emotional image, telling stories. Always work on your skills. That’s something I do every single day, I’m listening to audiobooks, I have coaches, I have mentors, I have masterminds that I plug into and learn from. Working on your skills is something I find that most people do if they’re serious about growing their business. Let’s not disregard that. Improving your skills is a very powerful way for you to get better and start crushing it. But there’s only so much that that will do.

Number two and the real key is consistency. You showing up consistently whether you want to or not, whether you feel like it or not. When I first got serious about changing my life financially, it was July 15th of 2009. I’m in foreclosure, I lost it all in the real estate crash, I’m dead broke, I’m deeply depressed, I’ve just gone through a divorce, I’ve been sleeping on my buddy’s couch and I was not in a good place. Well July 15th, 2009, that was the day that I decided I was going to start making a video a day. There were a few things that I did but let’s just focus on that. I was going to start doing a video a day. I actually did a video a day every day until mid-July 2021. For 12 years, I did a video a day without missing a day. I’m a lunatic, I’m crazy but I’m consistent. You can call me crazy but you are not going to call me inconsistent. I’ve consistently kept doing that thing until I got good. Now when I started, I wasn’t good. They were not good videos. I’m outside, you can barely hear me, it’s windy, I’m like a weather reporter. Your thinking, “what did you say?” and the sun’s directly behind my head…you can’t even see who’s talking. I didn’t know what I was doing but I was doing it.

Literally everything in my life that I have started, I was not great at in the beginning. I just kept going whether it was dance class where I was absolutely terrible and roughly one year later, my wife and I came in first place in two different dances in our division at a big competition in Miami. Whether it was public speaking, my first time speaking, my boss literally thought I was on drugs. I developed a stutter somehow, I spilled water on my shirt…to being a keynote speaker for events of ten thousand, twenty thousand people. I failed English in high school…to best-selling author. Literally everything I’ve ever tried, I sucked at it first but my consistency muscle got me better. So don’t worry so much about sucking in the beginning because that’s most people. In fact I would say it’s actually a blessing (I know that’s kind of a weird thing to say). I’m blessed that I suck so bad because now I can help anybody. If I was just naturally good at everything I ever did then there has to be some kind of limit as to how many people I can help but because I had to do the work, because I had to go from sucking to decent to mediocre to good or great or whatever, I know how to take people through that process.

The two keys to you crushing this, whether it’s marketing on Facebook or anything in your life, developing your skill sets and keep doing it. Don’t ever arrive, right. There’s always more to learn and number two being consistent.

Struggle with consistency?

Here’s a deep knowledge that I’ve gained over the last couple years and that is…if you are an entrepreneur and you are not consistent, it’s not because you are lazy. It’s because you have drawn the wrong conclusion to success based on an observation you made as a kid. I know that may sound weird, that may sound like “what does he know?” Well I have coached hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs that struggle with consistency and it’s a hundred, not 99, a hundred percent true. Every single person, every single entrepreneur I have ever coached that struggled with consistency, they had something happen (usually in relation to their parents and money). Either they lost it, never had it, hated it, had plenty of it but ignored them. Usually it’s in that relationship but there’s a reason for it.

Additional resources. 

I want to give you a page. It’s, you can easily click it and it is actually live coaching. In it I coach entrepreneurs through their consistency battles, their consistency woes and it’ll help you get more consistent by watching other people have their breakthroughs. I assure you one of those people on this page is you. You have the same issue as one of those people on that page and you can watch it for free. Click the link above to check it out. 

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