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What is Residual Income Really?


If you are on this page, more than likely you have heard of the residual income model, inside this short video I answer the question, what is residual income really?

If you want to earn residual income, this blog and video will help with a gameplan.

The Residual Income Model

Residual income is income that continues to be generated after the initial effort has been expended.

Inside the video I talk about what is residual income really and cover some common misunderstandings about the residual income model but first, let me give you some examples.

What is Residual Income?

I think the best way I have heard residual income defined is if you think about your monthly bills…

If you rent a house, regardless of how much work the landlord does, do you still pay?

If you have cable TV, regardless of how much time you spend watching TV, do you still get the same bill?

If you have a car payment, regardless of your use of the car, you still get the same bill.

Now, think about RECEIVING money regardless of your involvement. THAT is residual income. Money that comes into your household whether you roll over in bed or out of bed.

How to Make Residual Income

Let me first define some common misunderstandings of what residual income is NOT.

1. If you have a membership program that you run that people pay a monthly fee for but you have to perform duties for that membership…that is NOT residual income.

2. If you make sales via pay per click and driving traffic, that is NOT residual income in that as soon as you stop doing that, your income also goes away.

The residual income model I choose is network marketing. You can earn money on your initial efforts over and over but I will warn you, you DO have to put in effort in the beginning and it’s rarely based on luck. The good thing is all you have to do is look at your alternatives, not too many sales jobs or regular jobs where you could earn residual income regardless of your work output.

Video: Understanding a Residual Income Opportunity

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