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What is Landmark Training and
Should You Attend?


My wife and I just got out of the advanced Landmark training and wanted to share what I got and what it is all about.

What’s Happened With me Since I attended the Landmark Forum

In the advanced course they had everyone write down ten things that have happened in our lives since attending the first course, the Landmark Forum. It was then I realized just how much I owed Landmark for my success. First let me start with where I was and when I started this journey…

When I first started the Landmark training, I had lost all of my money, my house was in personal foreclosure, was dead broke, hadn’t seen my Dad in 13 years, he had never met his grandsons, was hanging onto my relationship with my girlfriend by a thread and I was drinking heavily to try to drown out the pain of all that had happened.

In April of 2009 I attended the Landmark forum and then sometime later in 2009 attended the Advanced Landmark training, since then, here are ten things that have occurred in my life:


1. Became a #1 Amazon Best Seller! (Right now my book is ranked #447 in all of the the Kindle store (out of over a million books)

2. I have now had multiple DAYS where I made more money than the entire year 2009.

3. Have spoken at some of the biggest stages in my industry, including the No Excuses Summit among many others.

4. Reinvented a relationship with my Dad, from not seeing him for 13 years to taking my kids to meet him and spent time with him.

5. Married the woman of my dreams!

6. Became the #1 earner in my Network Marketing company.

7. Created an AWESOME relationship with my kids.

8. I now understand and recognize my internal programming which had been sabotaging me my whole life.

9. Took my wife to Fiji for our honeymoon (see picture above)

10. Won eight fully paid for vacations and a BMW 7 series.

Yeah Ray, But Wouldn’t You Have Accomplished Those Things Anyway?

See, people see my how I am now, but they don’t know how I was back then, pre-landmark training. I can answer with an emphatic NO. There is ZERO chance I would have accomplished all those things without the training I received from Landmark.

What Compensation Do I Receive From Suggesting Landmark Training?

I don’t get a toaster, frequent flyer miles, a punch on my subway card or even a thumbs up certificate by suggesting people attend the Landmark training but what I DO get is the possibility of helping people become transformed, to gain access to the same training that helped me create a powerful life that I love. Here’s my video from the hotel I am staying that I shot yesterday that you may get value from..


By the way, if you are in Florida or wanna fly down, on Tuesday night, Feb 26th at 6:30pm, my wife and I are having our completion ceremony which allows me to invite guests and they get a free sneak peek at the landmark training, if you would like to come, I commend you and look forward to shaking your hand, by here at 6:30pm: Landmark Education, 6451 N. Federal Hwy #125, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308

To Your Abundance!

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