Return on InvestmentWhat if you’re not getting a return on investment in your network marketing company?

Here I share exactly how to start getting sales and making a profit.

Return On Investment

Boy, if everyone quit when they weren’t getting a return on investment, there would be no million dollar earners.

Now, a lot of people will talk about return on investment… and when I ask them, “How many people did you prospect last week?” They respond with I …

  • Ordered business cards
  • Purchased a course
  • Watched some Facebook Lives

A lot of people that talk about, “I’m not getting a return,” or, “I am not making money yet,” because they aren’t hitting the numbers. They’re just not.

And some are. I’m not saying everybody, okay? But a lot of people, they’re just not hitting the numbers.

And so, they’re making exactly what they should be making.

Hard Truth:

If you’re not speaking to human beings to see if they’re open to your product, service, or opportunity, then you shouldn’t be making money. You should be at the rank that you’re currently at.

Million Dollar Earner

I’m aware of a company that I was a part of, a person who is right now, making over $1 million a year.

The first 450 people he prospected …

This guy, who is now a $1 million a year earner, he’s on Instagram, got Lambos, and Timbos, and when the wind blows, he sees Polos. A little Biggie Smalls for you there. But just banking.

The first 450 people that he actually prospected, (not 450 on his friends list that clicked Like) 450 human beings that he reached out to and asked them if they were open to his product, service, opportunity, said no.

He got 450 no’s before he got his first yes.

How many of y’all would have quit? If you’re being honest, most. Most people would’ve quit.

Remember, because I didn’t tell it that long ago, he’s a $1 million a year earner. 450 no, it wasn’t 450 no’s. It wasn’t 450 to get to a million. It was to make a dollar. One nickel. Any profit, okay?

Network Marketing

Now the beauty of network marketing, it’s a blessing more than it is a curse.

But it is a curse. It’s the lowest risk lowest overhead way for the average ordinary person to build financial freedom.

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If you start a franchise?

You can get a cheap one for 30,000 bucks.

To get a McDonald’s, million bucks. And then pay $100,000 for Hamburger University.

You want to start, build some car washes. You’re looking at a couple hundred thousand dollars.

Get you a tiny restaurant, maybe $90,000, a regular restaurant, $250,000.

Go get you a Domino’s franchise. It’s $250,000, and they tell you it’s a 10-year ROI.

Do you understand what that means? That means it’s 10 years before you even make your money back.

So, just go do that. I mean, that’s 10 years, right? And of course, not all of them make it. But all of them cost a quarter million dollars.

So, embrace the alternative if you want.

Where else can you spend a couple thousand bucks and have a scalable business that you can get to millions of dollars? Where else? I’m not aware of it.

And if you’re aware of it, rock it out. Make it happen.

But you gotta look at reality here.

It’s the lowest, you don’t gotta go on Shark Tank and get angel investors or venture capital. You don’t have to give up your life savings to learn supply chain management, or human resources, or org charts, or currency conversion in Manitoba, right?

You have to say, “Hey, are you open to my product, service, or opportunity? Here’s a video. No? All right.” That’s your job in network marketing.

So, it’s up to you. If you have a better way of getting a great return on investment, rock it out. Make it happen, right?

But most likely, you don’t have a less overhead, less risk way for you to create financial freedom. Very unlikely, okay?

Before You Quit

If you’re in any business for any length of time, there are gonna be times you want to quit. You’re just not human. Maybe you won’t have the desire to quit at some point. But if you’re human at least 1%, there will be days where you’re like, “Ah, this sucks, man. I want to get the hell out of here, man.”

Why did you start, and what’s the alternative?

Why did you start?

Did you start to provide your kids a better life?

Well, is that gonna be solved if you quit? Quitting doesn’t speed anything up, okay?

What’s the alternative?

Okay, fine, you quit. What do you do now?

You gonna go get a franchise? You gonna work your way up the corporate ladder?

If you love your job, awesome. Rock it out. Make it happen. No judgment here. I don’t like job bashing, because some people like their jobs, okay? Nothing wrong with it.

But I never saw on my job org chart on the corporate ladder that I was climbing, where it said, “Okay, if you reach this position, you get to work less, and we’ll pay you residual regardless of how much you work. You know what, you made it to the top. There you go. We’re just gonna pay you every month, regardless of when you show up. You want to show up Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Tuesday, right, you can show up whenever you want, right? We’re just gonna pay you the same.”

I didn’t see that on the org chart.

And so, network marketers are problem solvers. We provide solutions to problems that most people can’t fix themselves.

And it’s the lowest risk lowest overhead way for anyone to do it, average ordinary person.

You don’t join network marketing and they say, “Okay, which degree? What degree do you have? And what’s your credit score, sir? Okay, all right. Three references, please.”

They’re like, “All right, couple hundred bucks, come on in.” Low risk, low overhead.

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