What If Your Team Isn’t Growing No Matter What You Do

All right today I’m talking about what if your team isn’t growing no matter what you do? You’re trying to motivate them, trying to inspire them, trying to get them going….but it’s just not happening. This is a very common sentiment for a lot of entrepreneurs that have big goals. So I hope this will help somebody today.

Self-employed in 2020, 2021? 

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Let’s jump in!

What if your team isn’t growing no matter what you do? No matter what you do? You’re at your wits end. As I teach faith-based mindset and leadership principles I want to focus on a topic and give you ways to apply in your life so that you move toward the goals you have in your life.

I want to share a time when my team wasn’t growing.

In July of 2009….well the beginning of July I was depressed. I had gone through a divorce, I was deep in debt and in personal foreclosure. The house I was living in I’m basically waiting for the sheriff to come and kick me out. I repair and create a relationship with my biological father and I find a network marketing company. I swipe one of the two remaining credit cards I had left (that hadn’t figured out I’m not paying). I swiped that card, joined that company and I was off to the races! I was making it happen. I’m prospecting like I’m a crazy person, I’m doing videos, I’m texting, I’m emailing, I’m calling, I’m doing all the things, right? So fast forward about four months in I had recruited (I wish I would have tracked it precisely, but I estimate) around 40 or 45 people. I’m four months in and I’ve recruited 40 or 45 people. How big do you think my team is?  I had about 34 left. I had about 30 to 34 left.

Back then I did not understand duplication, I did not understand culture like I do now, I did not understand leadership like I do now. I didn’t understand a lot of things. I had recruited more people than I had after four months of going at it hard. Now that math just doesn’t work if you ever want passive income, if you ever want money to flow to you whether you wake up or roll over…. right? But I kept going and I created a psychological trigger. I wasn’t of Christ then, He knew me, I didn’t know Him back then. I created a psychological trigger that anytime I thought about how bad life was I had to prospect somebody. Now that’s a healthy trigger. Most of us have unhealthy triggers…we feel bad so we down that ice cream, we feel bummed out so we watch Netflix, right? I had a good trigger. A good psychological trigger of anytime I got negative I had to prospect. If I was driving I might call the realtor sign. If not I might start texting people, I might just pick up the phone and call somebody, but I would not allow that thought to dominate me.

At the end of 4 months I had a guy see my YouTube Channel and he reached out to me and said “hey man I see what you’re doing….why should I join you?”

I said, “well maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t, but here’s what I do. Here’s what I won’t do.

Signed him up and in the next 90 days he goes on to recruit 250 people personally. Builds a team of (I don’t know exactly how much) but probably over 10,000 people. Which was amazing…totally amazing. That should give you hope, but what was shocking is that multiple (not just one) multiple of those original 40 people that I had recruited after he did what he did they went on to become six figure earners.

You can look at it one or two ways. I think both, number one is some of them had to see someone else succeed. They had seen me recruit, but when they saw him come in and crush it I think that that lifted them up. Number two is it may not have been their season just yet.

There were multiple people (I know for sure two maybe three) that at the end of four months you would have said “oh they’re toast, they’re dead in the water, dead leg” right? But at least two…I believe three went on to become six figure earners and many of them went on to make some money.

What did I do that made the difference? 

Looking back to that time the biggest thing that I did was not allow myself to dwell on my circumstances. You see I was still in foreclosure even four months later. Five months in I hit my first $10,000 a month. 7 months in I hit 40,000 a month, 10 months in I hit 50,000 a month and I go on to become the number one income earner making millions of dollars with that company. If you had looked at what I was doing… because I was doing a ridiculous amount of activity for the first 4 months but it just wasn’t fruitful. You would have looked at 4 months in I had done at least one video a day every day so that’s 120 videos (most people have never done 120 videos, I did it in 4 months), I was getting 20 no’s a day (most people don’t get 20 no’s a quarter of a year) but the biggest thing I did was I didn’t allow my negative thoughts to beat me. I didn’t allow my circumstances that were very true. They were very true, I’m not saying they weren’t…they were reality.

I didn’t allow my reality to soak up all of my thinking power.

Then I started learning some different things. I started learning about mental rehearsal. I started learning about seeing yourself where you actually want to be…seeing myself on stage, seeing myself winning, seeing myself having plenty – more than enough – going from not being able to pay any bills to having more than enough. I started seeing myself motivating crowds etc. and that’s exactly what happened.

Mark 11:24 (this is a very important one), “therefore I tell you whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.”

Believe that you have received it and it will be yours” so believe. Here’s the thing, whatever you focus on is a form of prayer. That can be a scary thought, if you are dwelling on what’s wrong…a part of that is you praying for that to continue, praying to experience that. I know you would never formally do it, I know you’d never say “dear God please allow the tribulations to continue… dear Lord you know please allow me to remain broke” right? You would never do that intentionally. Very similar to most of you I would hope wouldn’t actually bow down to some demonic statue and idolize some demonic statue right? But you idolize other things, you idolize the opinions of others, some of you idolize your body, right? Your body is your focus. You spend all day every day…vitamin D and this and that….and I’m not saying not to do that but when you make it your idol when you put things above God, when you’re thinking of other things above God whether it’s money, success, achievement, significance, status, Instagram followers, waistline or whatever. Just like you would never formally pray for brokenness or poverty or confusion or distraction or overwhelm if you use those words there’s a piece of that is a prayer that’s saying “continue these things father” without you actually saying that….so….

Where you focus your thoughts, where you focus your energy, your attention and your awareness that is what’s going to grow.

Now science is catching up to the Bible. There’s a lot of things that science is discovering that the Bible said thousands of years ago, but you have to have hope. Hope is the key. Leaders if you’re reading this or you watched my video above, what you saw me just do is instill hope in a lot of people. I instilled hope in a lot of people not by sharing what I had accomplished, not by sharing my amazing millions, that’s not what gives people hope. What gives people hope is learning what you overcame, learning that you are not perfect, learning that you struggled too, learning that you had different obstacles and different stumbling blocks because that’s what they have too.  That’s what most people have, they have stumbling blocks. You telling people how you’re amazing is not bringing them hope. What brings them hope is what you’ve overcome, is what you’ve survived, is what you come through. So leaders you saw me do that..is it edifying of me to say four months in I didn’t have any duplication? No, that’s not a very smart thing for me to say is it? Unless I’m trying to make a point and give you hope. Now I’ve since learned much better methods of culture, of duplication, of systems and processes and that’s what I teach our clients.

When you share what you’ve overcome instead of being Superman or Wonder Woman and only sharing your wins…when you share what you’ve overcome, what challenges you’ve been through you give people hope.

What does the Bible tell us about hope?

Hebrews 11:1 “Now Faith is confidence in what we hope for and Assurance about what we do not see.” Mark 11:24, didn’t say believe that you will receive it in the future at some point in time, no. 

Mark 11:24 says, “believe that you’ve received it and it’ll be yours.”

Hebrews 11:1 “Now Faith is confidence in what we hope for and Assurance about what we do not see as if it’s already there.”

Romans 8:2 24:25 “for in this hope we were saved but hope that is seen is no hope at all who hopes for what they already have but if we hope for what we do not yet have we wait for it patiently.

I kept hoping, I had faith that it was going to work out. How do we know that? How can I say that to you? Because I kept going. If I didn’t have hope, if I didn’t keep the faith I would not have kept going. Some of you are at your rope’s end right? You’re right at the cusp of quitting and quitting will never speed up anything. You’re hanging on by a thread, if you keep going your life will change. Quitting will not speed anything up! Stay at it! know that God is the God of miracles all you have to do is turn your feet to Him. You don’t wait till you’re perfect then go to Him you go to Him so that He can perfect you. So that He can help you, so that He can grow you.

How to Apply? 

How to apply? How to put this into tangible application.

Number one: catch your negative thoughts and do the work you’re avoiding anyway. That means don’t wait to feel like doing the work you know you should be doing. Don’t wait to feel like prospecting, I never felt like prospecting. Catch your negative thoughts.

Number two: spend more time seeing, speaking and feeling the future version of your team than the current and ask God. “Father, let me experience what you want for me in this business. Father let me experience what it would be like for me to have a much larger team and for me to be bringing you more glory based on what I’m doing here.” I’m not talking about salvation, I’m talking about your walk here on earth. 

Number three: (this is very practical and it’s right for my story) don’t require everyone or anyone on your team to be doing the work. Don’t require them, but do require you to be doing the work you wish they were doing. A lot of people wish their team was prospecting, but they’re not prospecting. A lot of people wish their team was making videos, but they’re not making videos.

Number four: (I can help you with this by the way) You increase their chances of getting them into the work by having them hear from someone other than you. See, some people’s money mindset is so broken is so goofed up they either think there’s virtue in poverty or like me being broke I just want to provide for my family. You just wanting to provide for your family is very selfish. Don’t you want to provide for someone else too? Don’t you want to help out with some other causes? Don’t you want to give to your favorite charity? Don’t you want to bring more light to your community? We need to be able to be rich in good deeds and be generous so that our heavenly Father gets more glory. Don’t you want to do that? Some people’s money mindset is so broken that when their upline talks to them they think “ah they’re just trying to make money off me.” Now that may be true but guess what? You get to make money at the same time so don’t out of spite for your upline not make money for your family. That’s very strange, but I found a lot of people think that way.

Number five: (here’s the big one) see the future version of your team. What are y’all doing? Building schools in Kenya? Building water wells in Kenya? Building schools in Guatemala? You build orphanages? Y’all taking trips together? Are they thanking you from the stage with tears running down their face? Are you seeing them be able to spend more time with their kids because you introduce them to the business? See?? Why aren’t you seeing any of that? What kind of shout out does your upline or CEO give you on social media? How does that feel? What shoes are you wearing on stage? What outfit? Who’s tagging you? Who’s telling you that they’re proud of you?

Spend more time not in your negative thinking but in seeing yourself as that future version, seeing your team at that higher level, spend more time there. You combine that with doing the work that you don’t feel like doing ever and you’re going to change your life.

Words of Encouragement

You’re going to find the right people and those right people will inspire some of the existing people on your team just like it did with me. You’re going to change your life. If this was helpful feel free to share with somebody. I appreciate you so very much. Thanks for being part of this journey. I’m rooting for you, love you, God loves you. He loves you so much that he doesn’t want to allow you to remain the same. He doesn’t want to leave you there. Keep going, believe in Him. He’s stronger than your circumstances. 

Ray Higdon

Play Bigger. Make An Impact.

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