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What I Learned at the Live the Dream Event
That You Missed Out On

It’s the morning after and I am pumped! This weekend I attended the Network Marketing Online event in Las Vegas called “Live the Dream”. For those that missed it or may not know, this event was put on by My Lead System Pro and it rocked! I took notes on each speaker and am going to give you the goods! These are some of the deadliest online marketing secrets and tactics to build your homebased business (some will shock you!) that you have ever seen, stuff that is working right now and can help you build your network marketing online presence and recruit more reps and make more money from home, Lets get to it!

What is My Lead System Pro?

My Lead System Pro is a network marketing online system that shows you how to setup your branded attraction marketing system and also allows you to have a funded proposal to make additional income from home. The main way I use this system is for people I talk to that tell me No to my primary business (pretty cool if you can generate a profit from those that tell you no!). Now, for those that may miss the point of network marketing online, mlsp is NOT something that means you shouldn’t talk to your warm market, participate in home meetings or do the things that have built all the billion dollar companies but it is a great tool to create more relationships, provide value and be someone that people want to work with.

My Participation in the Live the Dream Event

I had a blast at the event. The morning of the first day I was coming downstairs and I remember clearly thinking that I wish I was speaking on stage. I was not scheduled to speak but I wish I could. Two hours later I get a text from Norbert Orlewicz asking me if I wanted to be on stage interviewing Mike Dillard…um, YEAH! That was pretty awesome to be asked to be on the panel for Mike, I will talk about the content later in this blog, it went very well!

On day two I received my L4 award which is currently the highest rank that anyone has achieved in My Lead System Pro, it was really cool to get this nice shiny crystal trophy and then later on they announced I had some an iPad in the marketing contest they held leading up to this event. I had never bought an iPad so it was great and it’s REALLY great when you don’t pay for it! I appreciate Brian, Norbert, Todd, Cindy, Roxannah and all the great people that put this event together. Alright, enough about me, What are the marketing secrets that were revealed at this event?

Day 1 – Todd Falcone – Prospecting Master

Todd Falcone rocks. I had the chance to hang out with Todd at Tao Beach the day before and we had a blast. Todd teaches a lot of different things in the homebased business arena but he specializes in prospecting professionals such as realtors, etc. He is always entertaining and has some great responses to common questions such as:
Q- Is This Network Marketing?
A-Hell yeah, if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t touch it!

Todd made some great observations, he said that you are going to struggle in life anyway, whether you work a job or do a homebased business. Only a homebased business can ever help you become rich. He said if you are going to do network marketing, make a commitment and stop dabbling. Take this serious if you want to make serious money.

**Note to my team: I have talked with Todd about being on one of my training webinars, let me know if that interests you

Nicole Cooper – Mailbox Money Queen

Nicole is absolutely awesome. Fantastic personality, easy on the eyes and sharp as you can possibly imagine. Nicole suggested that you have to talk to the people you are scared of if you want to get BIG results. I really liked Nicole’s approach with being selective on who she worked with. She suggests only working with people who have read “Think and Grow Rich”, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “How to win friends and influence people”. She addressed something that I think more people need to understand. She said True Winners figure things out. You don’t have to bother your upline with every single question that simply pops in your head. (I had a guy email me this morning asking me the time difference between Florida and Texas, I told him to google it.)

What if you don’t have content to talk about?

Nicole did a great job addressing this dilemna. She said take that eBook or webinar you just watched, make nine notes, split the nine notes into three sections and that could be your blog or article.

How should you attract people on social media?

She said talk about your lifestyle and the benefits of this business rather than about your business on social media. Talk about how you get to spend more time with your family, win trips, work from home, etc rather than cramming your business down everyone’s throat.

MJ Durkin – Author and Dream Enabler

This was my first time meeting MJ, very cool guy. MJ talked about how powerful it is to be a published author. He said .08% of the US population are authors, 3.86% are doctors. Simply being a published author (MJ points out whether the book is even good) puts you in a pretty elite group. Being a published author gives you a ton of credibility and gives you a great prospecting tool as well (imagine telling your prospect you will send them a copy of your book!)

Funny story. After MJ’s speech I thought, OK, that’s it, I am writing my book! I am going to get in touch with him and find out if we can work together but regardless I am going to write my book. You see, I had kicked around the idea but never actually decided to do it. My good friend Larry Beacham told me that I really needed to write my book too. So I decided that I will be (stay tuned). Here’s the funny part…I thought MJ’s name sounded familiar but I could not place it. I saw him outside the room and introduced myself. He said, “Ray Higdon?!?, you’ve been on my stalking list!” It turns out that someone from his organization had called me and sent me his books and I had blown them off as I didn’t know who the hell they were! Here’s the takeaway from this…had I known he was friends with Brian and Norbert, I would have talked to him a long time ago. The power of referrals. MJ forgave me for being a putz and we are going to talk later this week.

The One, The Only, THE Mike Dillard

If you don’t know who Mike Dillard is, well, you must have just bought your first computer and this is your first day online. Mike is the grandfather of all that is network marketing online. I actually interviewed Mike a few months ago – https://www.youtube.com/user/rayhigdon1 but this time I had been asked to be on a five person panel and got to interview him on stage. Here’s a little known secret…all five of the panelists are all in the same primary company, cool eh?

So me, Mia Davies, Lawrence Tam, Jim Chao,  and Josh Traboulsee were on the panel hitting Mike with our questions. Keep in mind, this was in front of 400+ people and Mike had no idea what questions we were going to ask him. All of the panelists had awesome questions but I will share the three that stood out for me. (these are paraphrased answers)

Question 1- Me: Why would someone want to be rich?
Mike: To enjoy this life and to create something bigger than themselves…to create a legacy that impacts the world in a massive way

Question 2-Josh: What about those that might be in a homebased business that doesn’t support network marketing online?
Mike: Well, you could spend the time to create pages and marketing that doesn’t say who you are or what you do or you might just need to find a better opportunity

Question 3-Mia: Where is the balance between doing home meetings, warm market and offline stuff vs. all online marketing?
Mike: We are at a time where the biggest opportunities are the baby boomers and most baby boomers DO NOT want to have anything to do with internet marketing. Take my parents for example…they would rather shoot themselves than learn PPC. For the last 12 months we have been creating offline strategies for building network marketing to help with this. As far as warm market, most people suck at talking to their warm market as they don’t have the belief. Once you don’t care whether they sign up or not, it makes total sense to talk to your warm market. Sometimes it takes someone having success online before they have that belief.

OK, do you get his answers?!? Here is Mike Dillard talking about warm market and offline, trust me, if you are in the camp that you are too cool for school to talk to your warm market, you are dead wrong.

Brian Fanale – Copywriting Rockstar

“There are no broke good copywriters” says Brian, pretty cool. Copywriting is putting words on the screen or in print that get people to purchase something or take action and Brian is one of the best.

“Two reasons a man buys something: 1) the reason he wants to buy it and 2) to tell somebody he bought it” – Mark Twain

The biggest two motivators is the promise of gain and the avoidance of pain (works at least 5 times better). Good example: “How to stop losing money in your business”

4 Step Process to creating a Capture Page Video:
– Who are you
– What do you have
– Why do they need it
– How can they get it

In copywriting you want to aggravate the problem, let them feel the pain then provide a solution. People don’t really care about features, they care about benefits. If you don’t have credentials yet, talk about the team you are on and how they will lose out if they join a different team. Always use fear as it is a stronger motivator, good example: What will you tell your family when you still can’t afford a vacation?

Cover the common objections in your video or copy, spouse, time, money are the most common objections.

Day 2 – Jerry Clark – Club Rhino

Wow. I have never seen Jerry Clark speak nor heard any of his stuff but this guy is awesome. He asked the question: How would you be if you had $20 million? Write down those traits. Perhaps you would be happy, more generous, less stressed, etc and start being those traits right now. He addressed some of the common problems of people that are broke. “By acting like they don’t know what to do, it keeps them comfortable from not having to do what they don’t want to”

That is powerful stuff. How many people do you know that constantly focus on the “How-to” but never actually seem to stick with it even when they are taught it? Jerry shared that personal breakthroughs occur when there is an alteration in beliefs…but most people never question their beliefs so breakthroughs are rare (mm, hmm, told you this guy was good!)

So the trick is to alter someone’s beliefs without them knowing you are if you want to create a big team in your homebased business. Technical knowledge is NOT enough to master anything, it has much more to do with your self-talk and how you communicate to others.

Tracy Walker – Success Coach

Tracy was great! She said if you want to get good at basketball, all you have to do is practice dribble, pass and shoot. The same thing applies to your homebased business.


Don’t focus or get frustrated with other people’s fast success. Do the things that are going to improve YOU.


Don’t be afraid to NOT be the star. Talk about your team, do three way calls, it doesn’t have to be all about you and in fact, you will not grow as quickly if you DO make it all about you.


No one makes every basket, just like no one signs every person they talk to. Take the shot, talk to people and prospect. Superstars practice in the gym when no one else is looking, what do you do when no one is watching? Doing anything tomorrow, SUCKS! Do the things today that will change you and your business.

Cedrick Harris – Da Money Man and Closer

Cedrick is a friend of mine and a fantastic entertainer (too bad Cedrick the entertainer is already taken!). Cedrick talked about his life and him growing up selling candy amongst other stuff (shocking how similar our pasts are) then he talked about mortgages and real estate (more similarities). He made some great points. #1 – After a prospect watches your presentation, never ask them what they think, it forces them to think which they are not used to and usually doesn’t end up good. #2 – Average is defined as the highest degree of poor (do you really want to be average) and #3 (my favorite) You can’t spend anyone else’s money, so stop counting it. That is a great one, too many focus on other peoples success, focus on who puts food on your table…YOU!

Daegan Smith – Affiliate Marketer

Daegan is very well known in the industry and he talked about paid traffic. His information was geared toward affiliate marketing, not really network marketing as he talked about not ever picking up his phone, etc, which, is just not network marketing in my opinion. If you are looking to learn pay per click, this was a great session. He said the three elements that will help you build a successful campaign are:

– Know the conversion numbers from traffic to lead
– Know the conversion from lead to sale
– Know the customer value, or, what each lead means in income to you

He said he emails his list every single day and does NOT care who unsubscribes. (I agree with him here) If you are going to do paid traffic you should be asking yourself “How can I build my business so I can afford more traffic”

David Wood – My Man

David Wood is a monster. He is a freak of nature. I watched him put in 117 people into our primary company in like 6 days. He has become the #1 recruiter in My Lead System Pro and in our primary business. He had some really, really good content at the event. He says the Internet is a content driven engine and it’s impossible to create one piece of content everyday for a year and NOT have some success with getting reps in your business. He says you will get a return when you really put your energy out into the marketplace. He says you don’t want to copy a personality that isn’t like you but to find a model that fits what you like to do.

What do you like to do that you lose track of time with? If you hate doing videos, DON’T DO THEM!

David stated that analytical people should be doing paid marketing. I have never heard someone say this but boy does that make sense! This helped me understand why I have never really had success with paid marketing, I am NOT that analytical! Dave suggests to concentrate on creating relationships, at least 3 per day (that doesn’t mean pitching them your business). Have a consistent message, if you are going to make money at your homebased business, stay the course if its the right course but don’t confuse your audience or email list. He says once you have made one dime in your homebased business you should start doing generic training to show people what you are up to and how you are doing it.

Wrap Up

All in all, it was a great event, I met a lot of cool people and had a blast. Brian and Norbert ended the day with some very cool updates to My lead system pro that you will want to pay attention to. Big thanks to the team that showed up to our training in David’s room, we actually had to upgrade as the fire marshall came and kicked us out of that room for having 70+ people in one suite! LOL

As it was titled, this event was all about helping you reach, achieve and life your dreams. Remember that no matter where you are currently, you CAN get to where you want to go.

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To Your Abundance!

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