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Know you need to duplicate… but not sure how?

If your team is not duplicating, here is what you need to know about this duplication business to crush it.

What Every Network Marketer Ought To Know… About This Duplication Business

For us to talk about duplication, we have to talk about the Thompson Rule.

My buddy Larry Thompson been marketing for 50 years! Larry and Taylor are good friends of ours. They were also clients of ours last year. I learned the majority of what I know about duplication from Larry.

Thompson Rule:

If you have been following me, you’ve probably heard me talk about this 4,200 times. But it’s needed. It’s needed because people still don’t get it.

So you got 80%, 15% and 5%.

80% of people, have a level of desire of $0-$500 a month.

Now some of you may wonder, “what do you mean $0, bro?”

Some people just like belonging. They just like being a part of the organization. They just like getting in the picture like you. And, they just like giving you high fives at an event and taking a selfie with you.

15% of people, have a level of desire of $2000-$3000 a month.

5% of people, have a level of desire of $25,000+ a month.

What’s Your Level Of Desire?

By the way, even though I said this was levels of desire, you may classified yourself as an 80%-er.

You’re like, “Oh, I’m not making more than $500 a month. I’m an 80%-er.”

No, you’re not. It’s level of desire.

So, an 80%-er is probably not going to read an article on how to make more money. That’s not their focus. That’s not their concern.

An 80%-er is not going to buy any courses from us. They’re just not going to.

By the way, 80%-er doesn’t mean that they’re broke. It just means that they don’t have a goal to make money in your company. So, they could actually be rich.

But one of the problems is most of your trainers are 5%-ers, and they think like 5%-ers.

How To Duplicate

So, usually when we have a client that’s a top earner in their company and they hire us and we start working with them, they are like, “Dude, how do I get the 80%-ers to be 5%-ers? How do I do that?”

And I’m like, “Well, that’s math. It doesn’t work that way. It’s math.”

The 5%-er comes into their group and says, “Hey, losers. Step it up, man.” They yell at these people.

The 15%-ers might be like, “Well, okay. You’re right, bro. I need to step it up.”

The 80%-ers are like, “I didn’t sign up for this. I’m not paying money each month to this company to be yelled at. This is dumb. Screw this.”

We suggest that instead of like how most up lines think, which is like a sales manager, don’t think like a sales manager. Stop being a one trick pony. Stop thinking that the only benefit of your entire network marketing profession is money.

Start thinking like a gym owner.

[mashtweet tweet=”Stop thinking like a sales manager, instead think like a gym owner.” quote=”Stop thinking like a sales manager, instead think like a gym owner.”]

As a gym owner, when you go to the gym and you’re paying your membership. When you go to the gym and you’re paying your membership.

Do they make you lift your shirt? “Lift your shirt, boy.” Or can you just go over to the row machine, do four minutes, and then leave and they’re like, “Thanks for coming in. Way to go, bro. Killing it.”

They’re not pressing you to get results. You’re paying them. They’re cool with that. You should be cool with that too.

Now that doesn’t mean that you just don’t care. If I go to the gym and I say, “Hey, man. I’m ready to get ripped, ready to flip some tires, grow a beard, do crossfit. I’m ready to do this thing. Do they have other classes for me?” Of course.

They’ll say, “Hey, go over there, man. There’s spin class, racket ball, and swimming.”

If I raise my hand and say I want to step it up, my level of desire in the gym is higher now, what do I do? They’ll point me to additional classes or to a personal trainer. That’s how you should operate too.

Not as a sales manager where it’s like, “Why aren’t y’all producing?”

Imagine if a gym owner acted like a sales manager.. Like they got compensated off the physical results of everyone in there, and they got penalized for people not getting results. Not smart.

Build Culture

Culture is making all of these people feel good regardless of their level of desire and level of result.

So, having an environment that is totally cool with Tina not being a rockstar, with Tina not prospecting someone every day. They totally respects and loves on Tina just for being part of the community.

First of all, you have to adopt this. When you ask the question, “why do people not follow the plan to duplicate?” Well 80% don’t even have a desire to duplicate. 80% don’t even care to duplicate.

But if you as the leader is like, “Why aren’t y’all duplicating, man?”

They’d be like those of you who are parents, go to your kids, and say, “Hey, I really want you to play the guitar,” and they’re like, “I don’t really like the guitar.”

Well, I didn’t ask you if you liked it. You go play the guitar.”

Do you think that will net them learning to play the guitar? Some. As they get older, try telling them that as teenagers or 20 year olds. See how that works out.

Understand, make them feel good. If you just show gratitude to people, it’s hard for them to leave. But if you make it evident that they’re disappointing you, it’s real easy for them to leave. It’s way easier to leave a network marketing team than it is leave your parents, leave your spouse. Way easier.

So, if you want to eliminate 80% of your income, real simple. Real simple, all you do is make sure that they are aware that they’re disappointing you. “Hey, losers. How come y’all ain’t producing? You been here for years. You need to be making money. What’s wrong with you?” And they’ll say, “But I’m happy being here.” And you say, “How can you be happy. You’re not in diamond.” So if you want to greatly reduce the income for yourself, all the volume, 80% of your volume in your organization and all of your leaders, then just make it clear that these 80%-ers are letting you down. That’s all you got to do. Super easy.

Your Team Not Following Your Plan To Duplicate?

So some people, they’ll say, “Ray, how do I get my people to send this sample out? None of them are doing it. I keep telling them to use this video, do home meetings. They’re not doing it.”

If you have 15%-ers and 5%-ers and they’re not following your plan to duplicate, then you probably haven’t shown them the way.

You probably haven’t either proven the concept or cataloged the journey.

Well, if you ever want to make it to where you can’t stop them from not doing it, then prove the concept.

Prove the concept.

You get out there and show them how to do it. You recruit more and show them that it works.

Did you find that helpful?

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