What are reels on Facebook? We are going to dive deep today.

First I’m going to share what they are and why they were created. Then I’m going to share with you how to do them and use them for your business. Lastly, I’m going to share with you the number one way to get maximum results and views.

What are reels on Facebook?

First of all, what are reels on Facebook? Well they are the short video solution that Facebook has rolled out in certain areas over the last maybe three or four months of the video above. Not every area has Facebook reels. I have even been told that not every area has Instagram reels…which I did not know that was the case until recently.

Facebook reels are the short video, vertical version video that Facebook is rolling out after Instagram rolled out Instagram reels. Of course all of this came from TikTok. With the popularity of TikTok, Facebook wanted to jump in on this trend so they created Instagram reels first, now they have created Facebook reels. I have to tell you they are exciting. I have been on Facebook for a really long time. I want to say maybe 14 years (something like that) maybe longer, I don’t know.

What is really cool is this is a major change from Facebook and their algorithm. In the past, everything you did on Facebook, they would show it to a small section of people that followed you or your friends and then if it did well, they would show it to a little bit more but they would never even show it to 100% of the friends that you already have.

With Facebook reels, you have the very real potential to have your video shown to a lot of people that do not know you, that is a very big deal. We have Facebook reels that have over a million views. I have one student that has a Facebook reel of over 10 million views .Just for context there, The last Olympics was watched by 15 million people but they paid a lot of money in advertising, she didn’t pay anything. Facebook reels are definitely legit.

What’s the number one reason you should use them?

Well that’s pretty obvious, if you have a product, service or an opportunity that you want to get more eyeballs on and you want to build a following, then Facebook reels is your very best bet on Facebook. Facebook reels, these little short videos are the number one way to get in front of people that don’t know you. This is a very big deal for you and make’s it a very great time to be a marketer.

This reminds me, years ago there was a major trend around something called google AdWords. Google AdWords was really hot. The guy that taught me advertising, he was putting in thirty thousand dollars a day but he was making thirty to fifty thousand dollars in profit a day. Now that was a red hot marketing strategy that I know a lot of people benefited from but the difference is you had to pay for that. You had to pay to play. With Facebook reels, you don’t. You have to put in some time, a little bit of effort.

I am going to share with you the exact type of videos to do to really maximize that, so you get more views, engagement and really increase your chances of going viral (which is getting a lot of views). I will tell you that no matter what you learn from reading this post or any of our videos on our channel, you are not going to have every single video go viral. You are going to have some bombs, some duds, you are going to have some videos that just don’t do that well and then some videos are going to surprise you, that comes with being consistent. You need to consistently be uploading these reels just like you would for anything. By the way if you create a Facebook reel, I would definitely save that and then I would post it as an Instagram reel and also post it on TikTok.

Let’s hear from you. 

Before we get to my last point, I would love to hear from you. Are you currently using Facebook reels? Are they open in your area? Drop me a comment, let me know. Have you had any successes? Have you had anything go viral? Have you had anything that got a hundred thousand views, a million views or even more? I would love to hear from you, so drop me a comment.

What is the number one to get maximum results and views? 

What are we seeing that’s making the big difference with Facebook reels? What type of videos? What to do? I want to break that down for you. The best ones that we see are the ones that end with, “ask me how.” There’s a couple versions of this that we have tested. There’s the overcomer.

For example my story, I will share that I grew up in a very abusive home, I did not finish high school on time, I never finished college, I was dead broke twice in my life, I went through foreclosure, I have divorced. I may share some of these different things and then share that those are all things I overcame, “ask me how.” Anyone that’s been through some of those different things or maybe currently going through some of those things, there’s a propensity for them to reach out and ask me how, right? How would you do that?

The more engagement you get, the more people are going to see it. You want people dropping comments, you want people engaging with you. Your big challenge to be honest is if you have a video go viral…your big challenge then is going to be keeping up with the comments. You are going to have to be responding to them and you have to manage that effectively and it can be pretty serious. One of the people that works with us here at Higdon group, she’s getting in over 300 conversations a day and a lot of that is from Facebook reels, I think mainly from Facebook reels.

Ask me how. Think about, what does your product or service do? Are you a masseuse, maybe you have scene one is someone stressed and angry and scene two they are serene and you are rubbing your hands…. and you put “ask me how you.” Then you could talk to people about massage. Maybe you help people lose weight, you could have someone that is holding up big pants or something like that and before and after… “ask me how.” Think about the benefit of how it impacts and helps others, not just what you have for sale.

Whether it’s an overcome, ask me how or it’s a benefit driven “ask me how,” those are the ones we see getting the most traction on Facebook reels with right now. So rock it out.

Want to learn more? 

We want to help you crush it on Facebook reels, Instagram reels and TikTok. I have put together a very thorough training and it details our three-step launch. How to crush it in this short video arena that we are in right now and how it is the very best time to be a marketer. It is the number one way to get your stuff seen by people that don’t know you and really expand your viewership and expand your followers. 

I want to share with you this three-step launch, click the link higdongroup.com/3steplaunch, that’s going to take you to a page. All you have to do is register for the three-step launch training. It will be sent to your email and you will be able to watch it at your convenience. This is something that will walk you through step by step. It will help you understand the psychology of short video more and help you understand how to generate leads and sales. I even share quite a few testimonials of people that have used our three-step launch for success. Click the link above and it will take you over to that free training. By the way you can also share this with your teammates if you would like. You are going to love it, it’s going to help you out. Let’s get you rocking and rolling with these short videos.

Now maybe you are thinking, “oh, I’m too old for TikTok or I’m too old to be doing these short videos…” I will tell you, some of our clients that are growing the fastest are over age 50 even over age 60. Our good friend Marilyn, she’s over 60 years old and she is crushing it on these short videos. Don’t think you’re too old. This is something that more and more people are looking at regardless of age. Keep rocking and rolling. As a matter of fact, I even break down statistics on how many people are over age 50 that are rocking these short videos so, I know it’s going to help you out and make sure you tune into it. 

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