Wealth Lessons Part One:
7 Reasons You Should Make More Money

I am sure there were a few possible reactions to this title. Some probably said, 7? I can think of 100! Others thought, there he goes talking all about money, money, money again (those are usually the people that wonder why they are broke) or perhaps you read this and were intrigued. In this blog I am going to share 7 reasons that you may not have thought of why you should make more money.

Isn’t Money and the Pursuit of it Evil?

Invariably, if you talk about money enough you will have someone, somewhere give you this line. You can look at this multiple ways of what they are really saying, I suggest it is their subconscious justifying to them why they are not wealthy.

Some people think staying poor helps, it doesn’t help anyone and in fact, in almost all cases is very selfish. When you are poor you cannot contribute to the flow of money in society which is the only way jobs can be upheld and or created. If you are a charitable person but poor, you cannot give as much as you would be able to had you more finances. And on a slighter harsher note, “Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper’s bell of an approaching looter.” – Ayn Rand

7 Reasons You Should Make More Money

1) It makes you more of who you are, it is a magnifier. This is unfortunate to the jerks of the world but great news for the compassionate, creative and nice people of the world.

2) The access to the money (not necessarily the pursuit of it), reduces your stress and the stress of those closest to you. When there is a divide between how much money you think you should have and how much you actually have, it causes stress.

3) You have the option to be more charitable, not just to charities, but also to those you love.

4) You will spend more. Spending is critical to keep jobs of those in your community, city, country. If no one is making money, no one is spending money and employees cannot be paid.

5) You can send your parents on vacation. This is something I have done and am about to do again, your parents put up with all your crap for so long, reward them!

6) You show your kids that for them to make more money is okay. There is no need or logic to raising kids to think they are going to have a life of struggle.

7) When you make more money it can be adapted to enhance what you like to do. Let me give you an example. I used to be big on material things when I was making a lot of money in real estate. I learned that stuff got old after awhile but what didn’t was experiences. I love to travel and now when I travel, I do the things I would never have thought of spending money on. Usually my kids are with me and get to experience it too. It is funny though, it is NOT that much more money to have an amazing time than to have an OK time.

 Address Your Subconscious About Making More Money

Do you have friends that will treat you differently if you start making $50,000 a month? How does that make you feel? Would you treat your closest friends differently if they started making 10-100 times what you are making?

These are questions designed to chip away at our subconscious. Most people, unless they are purposely trying to make someone else feel bad, will openly admit they would like to have more money. However, a lot of people never make a lot of money, why?

Learn what is making up your subconscious thoughts about money, address them, and then, reach for the stars and know that you deserve them.

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To Your Abundance!

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