money mindsetIf you aren’t making the kind of money you want, it could be you need to improve your skills but it is more likely your money mindset that needs improving.

Today’s show will share with you three simple tips you can start today to improve your money mindset.

Money Mindset Quotes

“Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn.” – Cervantes

“Wealth is the ability to truly experience life.” — Henry David Thoreau

“Money may not buy love, but fighting about it will bankrupt your relationship.” — Michelle Singletary

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.”  – Maya Angelou

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3 Ways to Improve how you Think about Money

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My friend and client, and 7-figure-a-year earner, Kathleen Deggelman was recently was on stage at the Eric Worre Go Pro event. We coached Kathleen for 2 years, 2 1/2 years, something like that. She taught a game at Network Marketing Pro that she has been playing for a really long time. It’s a game on how to actually spend money. Very strange. Right? I’m probably not going to get this 100% right, and she’ll probably yell at me later, but I’m going to give you the gist…

The gist is you create a virtual bank. Starting today, lets say that you had to spend $5,000. You had to spend $5,000. How would you spend it? The first thought that probably comes to people’s mind is, “I would save it,” or maybe something else. Maybe you just can’t get over your money issues to even spend that much. Right? I want you to spend it. Take $5,000, spend it. The next day, up it. The next day, you have to spend $10,000.

The next day, go to $15,000. Spend it. Why? Why is this powerful?

What’s powerful about it is you start to think bigger, and you start to deal with bigger numbers, because most people that are broke, honestly, they look around and say, “I can’t afford that. I wish I could afford that. Oh man, I wish I could afford that.” They carry this energy of scarcity of lack, of limitation, of, “I can’t afford it,” of, “I’m broke,” “Money is scarce.” They carry that around. When you play this virtual game, then all of a sudden, “Ooh, Cadillac Escalade. Hmm. Maybe I’ll get that tomorrow.”

money mindsetThat shifts a money consciousness within you. The neat thing about Kathleen’s story is she’s been playing that game for a long time. She’s now up to spending $7,000,000 a day, I believe. The interesting thing, as of when she hit $7,000,000 in spending, she had made $7,000,000 in network marketing commissions. Interesting.

Number 1. Play a money game. That’s one of them. If you Google money game, you’ll probably find other scenarios. I just happen to like that one because it forces you to think about spending money, money’s rolling in. It gets you in a different vibration and gets you into thinking that money can come in, and you’re consciously thinking about how to actually spend it. That would be one exercise.

Number 2. This is similar, but as you drive down the road, or as you walk through the mall, or as you do anything, I want you to look at the most lavish things. I want you to look at that 40-carat diamond if there is such a thing. I want you to look at the Rolexes. I want you to look at all the Bentleys, the Cadillacs, the everything, and I want you say to yourself, “I can afford that. I can afford that. I can afford that. I can afford that. I can afford that.” That’s all.

My third suggestion would be gratitude. Really take a second when you wake up, and write down all the things that you’re grateful for. Here’s an amazing trick for you. This is something I learned from Tony Robbins. Trade your expectations for appreciation. Trade your expectations for appreciation. The next time that something doesn’t meet your expectation, whether it’s someone doesn’t show or someone doesn’t join or someone doesn’t buy your thing, or you hit a traffic light, or there’s no WIFI on the plane or whatever. Instead of being, “Oh, man. I can’t believe this. It’s so ridiculous,” show appreciation.

Appreciate the fact that you have a heart in your chest. Appreciate the fact that your lungs are working properly. Appreciate the fact that you have legs to walk around, you have eyeballs that see. Appreciate the fact that we have oxygen, that we’re able to breathe, that we have clean drinking water. 27,000 people a day die from Dysentery from not having clean drinking water. Boy, that’s pretty nice. If you have a roof over your head, you’re better than a lot of people in the world. Right? Trade your expectations for appreciation. Money game, I can afford that, and trade your expectations for appreciation.

UPDATE! Kathleen shares her actual money game instructions in this image below, be sure to comment below to thank her!

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Now let’s hear from you.

Were those three tips helpful? What other tips might YOU have for improving your money mindset? Feel free to comment below and also share this with anyone who may want to increase the way they think about money.

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