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Watch me Share the Stage
with Les Brown and
Visalus Top Earner Nick Sarnicola


At the end of this month I am sharing the stage with Les Brown, Nick Sarnicola, Eric Worre, Lisa Grossman, Todd Falcone and Mike Sims, YOU have the chance to watch from your living room!

Just Announced! Les Brown will BE THERE!

Les Brown is a huge hero of mine, I love his philosophies and his teachings. I just talked with Eric Worre and had to add this into this post, excited to be sharing the stage with Les Brown!

Who is Nick Sarnicola?

Nick Sarnicola is a co-founder of Visalus Sciences turned top earning rep. Known as a hard working, passionate dude, I gotta tell ya, I may be just as excited to see him as you might be. He is reported to be currently earning over $350,000 per month. (by the way, if you want to know how to better build Visalus, check out my sponsoring course, there is a free video loaded with prospecting and sponsoring tips, Watch it here)

What is the Recruiting Mastery Event?

The recruiting mastery event is put on by the maestro of network marketing, Eric Worre. Eric has led teams of 400,000 people and has made over $12 million in this industry. Eric asked me to speak at this event and as I know he always puts together a quality event, I happily accepted and am excited to bring down the house on Friday evening, November 30th.

What I will be Covering

I am going to dive deep to share exactly what I did, leaving no stone unturned, on how I went from Foreclosure to the top income earner in my company as well as creating a massively profitable online presence. I am going to share a) How I made the mindset shift as well as b) What marketing tactics made me profitable and I will even share c) What I would suggest doing differently. You will also learn the different stages of marketing and why if you are frustrated, you need not be, you just need to understand positioning and where you are.

Also Join in To Watch Wildman Todd Falcone!

One of my favorite trainers, Todd Falcone, will also be there. He is going to cover prospecting professionals and finally getting some connected, powerful people in your team. Hearing what Todd has to say is well worth the price of admission.

How to Watch From Your Living Room

So I asked Eric Worre how to let my audience watch from home and he gave me the link. I saw that the price to watch was $297 and was about to go up to $397. Now, I KNOW for a fact that this is money well-spent but I thought I would go to bat for you. I promised Eric I would buy him a fuzzy naval (pretty sure that is his favorite drink) if he would offer some sort of discount to my crowd, and, he cracked.

If you would like to watch from home, avoiding the hotel and airfare costs, you can go to this link now and when you click “Get Virtual Ticket” and on that page, look to the right and enter this awesome coupon code iloveray and instead of paying $297, you will get access to the entire event for only $97! You can get all the details on this page, and if you do decide to join us, make sure you enter that coupon code. Now, others are paying $297 right now, you get to enjoy it for less than $100! Leave me a thank you comment if you like me fighting for you!

To Your Abundance!

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