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Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 6.19.06 AMSo many people have asked me to offer recordings or livestream access to our Top Earner Academy LIVE event in a couple weeks, starting today, you can do just that!

What is the Top Earner Academy?

The Top Earner Academy is the biggest event my wife and I have ever put together. We saw a need in the industry to help teach people how to become MLM Top Earners and that is EXACTLY what we are going to do June 13th-15th in Orlando, Florida. Although we are sold out of seats to actually attend the event, you can still watch via livestream or if it’s more convenient for you, you can grab the recordings and watch this world class network marketing training at your convenience. Click here to see the details.

World Class Network Marketing Training

This event is going to go down in history as one of the most transformational network marketing training events of all time. We are going to dive DEEP into what it takes to become a top earner in your opportunity. We are going to teach you cutting edge online MLM marketing strategies as well as how to convert more of your leads and prospects.

The Five key elements to become a Top Earner are:

– Mindset
– Lead Generation
– Prospecting and Recruiting
– Team Building
– and Systems

Whether you attend in person or you watch via livestream or the recordings, you are going to learn exactly how to vastly improve each area of your game so YOU can become a top earner in your opportunity!

Video: Greetings From Sanibel!

So now there are absolutely no excuses for you NOT to become a top earner! If you couldn’t get your ticket before we sold out, here’s your last chance to gain access to world class training designed to help you create breakthroughs in your life!

Click Here to Get your livestream virtual seat or the digital recordings here.

The Winners of the Online Video Contest!

Here are the people who entered our online video contest:

Kenneth Scripa
Jacob Grant Buehler
Chase Tallent
Per-Erik Olsen
Jeff McGeary
Earl Lucas
Rebecca Kyle
Forrest Glenn Sorensen
Roger Holmes
Jon R. Patrick
Conrad Jones
Mike Snow
Marty McDonald

ALL of you, just for entering, will be invited into a special 12 week conference call series, congrats! You guys all rock!

There are a few people of special note that won an additional prize:

1. Forrest Glenn Sorensen – Amazing talent my friend! You have won your choice or either a VIP ticket to the event ($600 value) or livestream + recordings ($297 value)

2. Roger Holmes – Way to go! You have won your choice of either a standard ticket to the event ($397 value) or livestream ($197 value)

3. Jon Patrick – Great job! You have won your choice of either a standard ticket to the event ($397 value) or livestream ($197 value)

4. Rebecca Kyle – So proud of you! She made her very first video, you are already coming to the event so would like to offer you a VIP upgrade! ($199 value)

5. Jake Buehler – Made his first cold call after listening to one of my products! You have won a VIP upgrade! ($199 value)

6. Conrad Jones – Great job brother! You have won livestream access! ($197 value)

7. Chase Tallent – Way to go! You have won livestream access! ($197 value)

8. Per-Erik Olsen – Even though my training puts you to sleep, you still won something! LOL, You have won livestream access! ($197 value)

9. Bluma Woolf – Love your passion! You have won livestream access! ($197 value)

Also, of special note as he smoked everyone else for views, my man, Jeff McGeary! You have won your choice of an additional VIP ticket ($600 value) or (2) 15 minute coaching calls with me ($500 value), way to go bro!

Please note: To claim your prize, if you are on this list, you MUST email me your intentions as soon as possible and before June 7th to [email protected], congrats all and remember, every single person that entered won the 12 week conference call series!

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To Your Abundance!

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