Watch Your Language to Prevent Self Sabotage

Your words are dictating your reality. This will share with you how to stop self sabotage in your communication.

Creating success is hard enough WITHOUT self sabotage, watch this detailed video to increase your chances.


Every single day I get emails from people that are struggling to make money, and use words like frustrated, overloaded, overwhelmed, confused and many, many, many other words that are NOT serving them or their reality.

Instead of “reporting” your life and circumstances to others, choose to create a NEW reality. I believe if you don’t change your communication you cannot change your life.

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Video: Me Reviewing an Email in Regards to Self Sabotage

Do you see where you can make improvements? Most likely you do. The reality is if you want to know if you need to improve the way you communicate, just look at your results. If you have amazing results in your relationships, bank account and lifestyle, then, more than likely you DO have good communication and now are just limited to your imagination and investment in yourself to get better.

However…if you DON’T have the type of results in the different areas of your life, you are more than likely doing a self sabotage number on yourself through your language and writing.

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