Social Media RecruitingThis post shares proper social media recruiting strategies for your warm market.

There is a right way and wrong way to do social media prospecting for your warm market, this will teach you.

Social Media Prospecting Help

Many of us have people on our social media that we know and aren’t sure how to approach, OR have an acquaintance with and haven’t talked to in a long time that we want to approach about the business.

I see a lot of people trying to hit them over the head right away with their opportunity. I also see a lot of people that have all the intention of pitching their friends on social media but never get to the point because they are too worried about “reconnecting” and rekindling the relationship.

In today’s video, my wife Jessica Higdon shares with you exactly how to use social media for recruiting your warm and luke warm market QUICKLY. She even gives you an exact script to use, check it out below.

Additional Resource on using Social Media for Recruiting

Jessica’s training on building Locally through Social Media

Warm Market Social Media Recruiting

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