Best VoicemailsEver wonder what are Best Voicemails To Use for Network Marketing? In this post I share EXACTLY what to say to come across powerful, professional, and to get them calling you back!

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The Best Voicemails To Leave Your Prospect

Let me give you the typical scenario. The typical scenario of a network marketer is that they’re really eager. Most network marketers have way too much eagerness. They leave a voicemail, and the voicemail isn’t a voicemail, it’s a pitch.

They would say something like this – “Hey Joe, sorry I missed you. But hey, I just got involved in this brand new company. It’s ground floor, billion dollar opportunities, no competition, you can earn a BMW tomorrow, and make ten thousand a month, blah, blah, blah.” It’s a big, long, goofy, crazy pitch and it’s never going to work.

The purpose of a voicemail is to get a call back.  Say something like this, “Hey Joe, sorry I missed you. Give me a call when you get a chance.”  That’s it and nothing more.

Some people would say, “Well Ray, I want to qualify them!” Truth is you qualify someone either when you’re talking to them on the phone or when you’re face to face. You don’t qualify them through a voicemail unless you want to disqualify every person you ever call. If that’s the goal, I just don’t want any calls, ever, leave that voicemail. Guaranteed it will work. Don’t say, “I’ve got something really important to talk to you about.” Because if you leave message, they’re going to say, Oh, here comes the pitch. And they won’t call you back.

Now, what to say if someone misses an appointment? There are two different scenarios. Number one, what do you say to the person that said they would come to your meeting and didn’t show? Second, is what if you talk to somebody and you guys schedule an appointment and they didn’t show? To get the answer to these questions and the best voicemail formula check out the video below. Be sure to watch the entire video and get WAY more call backs then ever before!

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