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Vocabulary for Success: Beware of the 7 Deadly Words


IF someone asked me the first step in improvement, I ALWAYS answer that it starts with having a vocabulary for success.

Inside this short video learn how the language you use can be dictating your results.

It All Starts with Your Language

There are two major things different between someone who is achieving success and someone who isn’t or quite simply won’t.

It isn’t background. You will find that many successful entrepreneurs were born poor or at one point in their life were poor.

It’s not family support. You will find the same ratio of successful people as unsuccessful had family support when they were pursuing their dreams. There are just as many people with incredible family support that fail as there are those with no support that succeed.

It isn’t formal education. Many successful entrepreneurs never finished or even attended college.

The two things are attitude (where they are focused) and language. However, attitude and focus begins with language. Watch the below video if you want to create a vocabulary for success and avoid the 7 deadly words that keep you where you are.

Video: Create a Vocabulary for Success

Soo, how many of them have you been using wrong? If you want to build a serious vocabulary for success then I highly suggest you do the activity I talk about, it really will surprise you. My coaching clients always tell me that it helps when I catch them and most times they don’t even realize it. Watch your use of those 7 words and you WILL improve your life!

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