[VIDEO] Sometimes, Bad Things Happen for a Reason


For some of you, this will be one of my most helpful posts in regards to bad things happen for a reason.

The next time something doesn’t go quite right in your life, think back to this post.

Yesterday, I Screwed up..

More details in the video below but yesterday, I screwed up. I took something that didn’t bother me at all and turned it into something that bummed me out (for about 4 minutes). Let me explain…

Yesterday morning I woke up to an email from someone that had bought several of my training products and she said that she wanted a refund within her 30 days as she no longer was interested in network marketing.

This did not upset me at all but it gave me the idea to use this as a lesson for my audience. After we refunded her money with no questions, I posted a screenshot of her email (without her name) and posted it to my Facebook page and, to be honest, I did it in the not greatest way and for you, my audience, I apologize. I could have served that lesson up without wording it the way I did and rightly so, several people attacked me on that point and last night I was a little bummed out…until I thought of the point I make in the below video. Sometimes, bad things happen for a reason and in the video below I share what I mean and I truly hope it helps you out the next time something bad happens or you make a bonehead mistake like I did.

Sometimes, Bad Things Happen for a Reason..

Again, I hope you hear what I am saying, sometimes bad things happen for a reason and I am grateful for each lesson life has brought to me. Hope you all understand that I am not perfect and although I did something yesterday in a dumb way, I did learn the lesson.

Was this helpful to you? Hope you are OK with me being vulnerable from time to time but I just thought this was too big a lesson to not share with you.

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