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Video of Our Helicopter Grand Canyon Tour


Last week we did a Helicopter Grand Canyon tour and just had to share the video with you!

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I always like sharing our experiences to give you hope that you too can live a life of your dreams. If I was dead broke, in foreclosure, and borderline depressed just a few years ago and now get to travel wherever I want, well, you can create that type of freedom too!

Maverick Helicopter Grand Canyon

We were staying at the Green Valley Ranch Hotel, just having spoke at Eric Worre’s Recruiting Mastery event (short clip here) and we asked the concierge what the best Helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon was and she suggested the Maverick Helicopter tour of the south rim. It was awesome. For both Jess and I it was almost $1,000. It goes to show you that right around $30,000 of income a month will allow you to experience about everything you can imagine, at least great hotels, tours and fun. There was a time in my life where I could not IMAGINE spending $1,000 on something like this but if you work hard, you can reward yourself with once in a lifetime experiences.

Video: Helicopter Tour of Grand Canyon


FYI: Life is meant to be ENJOYED, not ENDURED, create a life that inspires you and your family.

To Your Abundance!

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