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Have an idea for a Facebook Live? A YouTube video? A website video? Video marketing is now the single best way to get in front of people.

It’s helped my business tremendously, and today I’m sharing my tips on how to use it to your advantage….

How To Turn Your Idea Into A Video – Best Video Marketing Tips

As someone who loves video marketing and has tried many other ways of prospecting and connecting with people, getting on Facebook Live every single day for the last several years has completely changed the game for me.

It’s how I connect, bring value, and talk with all of you guys. Especially in our Rank Makers group. And the way I come up with ideas is by keeping up with current events, asking you all what you want to know, and reading through Rank Makers’ comments & questions so I can address them in the next video.

Video marketing is so so so powerful.

That being said, if you’re just starting out in network marketing or maybe have a lot of ideas for video marketing strategies but don’t actually film the videos, I wanted to share some of my quick tips on getting the ball rolling.

I truly believe that getting on video and talking directly with your people will help you grow. Check out my tips in the video below and tag your team members in the comments so they can learn too.

One of the most important components of your video is the headline because that is what determines if they stop their scroll or not.

Awesomely done videos with bad headlines get skipped over every day.

Learn How To Come Up with Amazing Headlines in this Booklet.

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