video marketingIf you haven’t shot videos before, but you realize video marketing is a powerful tool, what do you do?

Here I share exactly how to use videos to attract hot new leads, customers and recruits.

How To Use Video Marketing To Grow Your MLM

I always assume that the person that’s going to watch my video is thinking what’s in it for them. I never assume that someone wants to hear a big, long, drawn-out video about my story.

When To Share Your Story

Now, once you build a following and build an audience, and build people that do love you and love your stuff, then more will be interested in that.

In the beginning, just assume most people aren’t going to necessarily care about your story unless you are someone who overcame.  If you’re someone who has gone rags to riches, or struggle to success, or foreclosure to freedom, if you’re someone who’s overcome, then there will be people that want to hear that story.

This is why I’m always hammering if you’ve had struggles, it’s your duty to create success. Because you’re going to inspire some people that other people can’t.

Now, if you’re like me, when I first started shooting videos, I was in foreclosure. I was dead broke. My girlfriend was paying my utility bills, who’s now my beautiful wife, Jessica. I was doing videos in the house that I was in foreclosure in. So, I didn’t tell my story back then.

I didn’t tell my story, “Hey guys, Ray Higdon here. Still in foreclosure. Today I’m going to talk about … “

Who wants to watch that, right? People DON’T want to watch rags to rags stories.

A lot of times people think that because they’re struggles are so great that they should be sharing those struggles. Honestly, you should be working your tail off to transform those struggles. Because once you overcome the struggle, THEN people will want to hear your story.

Now, obviously if you’re representing a charity, and you’re trying to raise money or whatever, okay, fine.

But, you’re NOT going to build an empire inside of network marketing based on people feeling sorry for you. You need to build a story that is inspiring, that motivates people, that gets people fired up.

What To Talk About In Videos

When I do my videos, I focus on the other person. I focus on what’s in it for them.

Almost all of my videos are How To Do something. (How to approach warm market, how to approach strangers, how to market online, how to brand yourself on Facebook, ect ) We do all these different how-to things because I just assume the audience watching is like, “What’s in it for me?”

I’m not a Kardashian, where people are interested in what’s in my breakfast burrito, right? Who cares?

Assume that you’re creating videos for the other person, not just for you to talk. There are some people that have just amazing personalities that people just really love online. They’re not typically duplicatable, but education is.

And you don’t have to have massive results. This is why we teach ILT.

Invest, learn, teach. You invest your time, and possibly money, to learn a concept, to learn different things by going through courses, attending seminars, attending events, ect. And then you share your notes. You share some of the things that you’ve learned, assuming that those are things your target market would be interested in.

Focus on education.

Conversion Of Lead

We’ve recruited, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people from videos and social media. But, there is ONE thing that we did with everyone BEFORE they ended up joining.

In the video I share the one thing that you should be doing to close more leads into your company.

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