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Video Marketing Concepts For Your Homebased Business

One of the very best ways to market your homebased business is with video. Of all the different advertising I have done to become the #1 income earner in my company, my online videos have helped me recruit the most people. In this blog I will be giving you some video marketing concepts and actually share with you some examples that I have used.

Video Marketing Concepts To Avoid

When I give advice on a strategy, I also try to offer suggestions of what NOT to do as sometimes that is just as helpful as what to actually do. The goal of your videos, ESPECIALLY when new, is to raise curiosity and interest, not close people. Too often I see a new marketer create their first videos urging people to go to their site and just sign up with their homebased business. The best advice I can give you is when thinking of video marketing concepts, focus on generating interest and curiosity, not trying to video close someone.

Video Marketing Concepts – Example #1

When I joined my homebased business, I created the below video. This video has probably, to date, helped me recruit more people that any other marketing resource I have ever used. Check out this video and then we will break it down.

I start it out by telling you who I am and then what the company I am representing is not. Never forget to introduce yourself even if you only plan on using this video on your website or facebook. You never know who might stumble upon your video and if you don’t introduce yourself, some people will not be able to focus on what you are saying as they will be too caught up wondering who the heck you are, very basic concept, I know, but, important to bring up.

Notice the emotion level, very high, upbeat and positive. I even bring up some common objections about our company. This is something you can do too. If you several people bring up the same objection, cover it in a video, it will also help your team that you build or have built. I even talked about some of the other options in a homebased business but didn’t show labels or mention names. You want to be careful talking about another company in your videos.

I then talk about how I have been in a different homebased business many times, a lot of people have. I typically target existing network marketers rather than employees. I then tell people to visit my website if they have any type of interest and also tell them that it isn’t for everyone. I don’t tell them to join my team and get involved right away, I raise curiosity.

Video Marketing Concepts – Example #2

Now, this is a more recent video. This is a video I created one I had become the #1 income earner and the top ranked rep in my company. There are some subtle differences. Watch the below video, then we will break it down.

So, I introduce myself right away. As I am using a prop (the car I won) I didn’t feel the need to go into anything but what the video was about versus the first video where I talked about what the viewer may be thinking. I used a lot more past talk than future talk. The first video talked about what it was and what I was going to do, this one talks about what has been done. Notice the transition when I say, “Here we are, 12 months later”, I actually lean against the car. This is a great physical transition to make that you can use in your video marketing concepts. When you want to change gears in a video, change your physical stance. I talk about my accomplishments (again, not future talk) and then I discuss one thing that separates a lot of the companies from this one in it’s internet friendly stance. Then I instruct you to get with the person that invited you to watch this video, making it a team friendly video. Once you get good at creating videos, which, comes with practice, you would do yourself well to create team friendly videos that everyone can use.

One note about both of these videos. I did NOT do one minute of video editing on these videos. You can be a master marketer without being an expert video editor. I see some people trying to build their homebased business by first studying every book on video editing, that, while a cool skill, is certainly not necessary to make a great living as a video marketer!

Beginner Advice: Baby Steps!

There is a great book out there called “Life is a series of presentations” by Tony Jeary. In the book Tony suggests as you go through your day, make an effort to think about events that you have seen or heard that would make good stories when speaking in front of groups. This is also a great tip for videos. You can use a story in your everyday life to illustrate why you want more freedom or why someone might consider a homebased business. This economy is full of stories like that. But the biggest advice of all, is just start creating videos. Just like you cannot learn to fly a plane by reading books or studying materials, at some point, you just have to DO IT!

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