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Video: How to Make Better Decisions


I realized something the other day. Not everyone makes decisions for the right reason. This video may help you learn how to make better decisions.

Decision Making For Leaders

There are two main thought processes I use that has helped me with better decision making. It seems like MOST people in our industry evaluate with a “Will this work” or “Will this make me money” kind of process and I am going to suggest that those MAY not be the best focuses for better decision making.

Making Better Decisions Moving Forward

I go way more in detail in the below video but the two big criteria that I use to help me with making better decisions are:

1. Is it congruent with my brand? &


In the video I help cover if you feel you do not have a brand and I also dive into what I mean on the will I grow question. You see, YOU are the constant. I see “guru’s” hop into thing to thing to thing to thing, playing the flute to the following to all follow them into each and every new “thing” and I wonder if this is truly growing anything but their bank account, which, is NOT a good enough reason in my opinion.

If you want to know how to make better decisions, consider these questions:

1. Will who you are working with help you grow as a person?

2. Will who you are working with help you grow as a marketer?

3. Are you constantly making yourself uncomfortable? (that is where the most growth happens the fastest)

4. Are you going in a direction that will grow and challenge you?

Video: Detailed on How to Make Better Decisions

First, let me warn you, I TOTALLY screwed up on the lighting in this video. I have a new camera and playing around with it and the lighting in this video, is terrible. The message was good enough for me NOT to shoot it again so please don’t be too harsh but in it I share how to make better decisions and I hope it helps you!


To Your Abundance!

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