Video: How Rich People Think


This is a video that certainly may challenge the beliefs of some, if it doesn’t, well, I didn’t do a very good job. This video is on How Rich People Think and some differences between poor and rich people.

How Do Rich People Think?

Yesterday I received an email from my friend Ted Nuyten that was talking about a book that just came out on how rich people think. In the article he took 21 quotes from the book and in this video I share some of my thoughts as it was a really good article.

Big differences with how rich people think and poor people? One is a question of luck versus value which I talk about in the video and the other big one is that people can only get wealthy by TAKING versus giving or ADDING. IF you believe you have to be a taker to be rich, you will constantly sabotage yourself as no one wants to be a taker.

Video: Thinking Patterns of Poor and Rich People


Know that rich people are NOT bad or you will sabotage yourself from ever getting rich. Share this if it helped

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