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Video and Some Notes
from the Live the Dream 3 Event

If you missed the Live the Dream event this weekend in Dallas, you missed a LOT of fun and training. This quick blog post has a fun video along with some of my notes.

What is the Live the Dream Event?

Every year, the attraction marketing system called My Lead System Pro puts together an intense event with the top online MLM marketers and trainers from all over the world to help people uncap their potential and learn how to live the life of their dreams with their home based business. It is something I have had the honor of speaking at the last three years, the first year I was just a panelist and this year I spoke on presenting for profits: How to make more money by selling from stage and selling on webinars.

Notes from My Presentation

I pulled tidbits and lessons from my brand new course called “Presenting for Profits” in my presentation. Here is some of the information I shared:

1. Learning to become a presenter is the most lucrative skill you can possibly learn. learning to give presentations either live or on webinars is a huge boost to your income.

2. Most people think they should wait until they have success to learn presenting and the reality is if they learned how to present they would become more successful.

3. It is selfish not to share your story. YOUR unique story could be the one story that inspires someone that might not have been inspired before. The goal is to help others learn how to live the dream!

4. I talked about the 4 components of my presenting for profits course, 1) Creating your sales funnel, 2) Presentation preparation, 3) Leadership branding and 4) Identifying exposure agents

5. From part 1, I talked about using more audio as people like to listen to that type of file more often than a video. Not to totally dismiss video but too few marketers are doing audio but the audience loves it.

6. Within your giveaways, promote the “next step” which could be your next product, coaching or system you are promoting.

7. From part 2 I shared that the biggest mistake speakers make is NOT letting the audience know early on that they will have something for sale. This creates resistance, tell them, while teaching them, that you will have something for those that want to go deeper.

8. From part 3 I talked about the importance of getting testimonials and how in module 3 of the course I share the 7 ways to get testimonials.

9. From part 4 I shared how there are many content creators out there, radio DJ’s, bloggers, event coordinators, etc that are constantly LOOKING for good content and how to tap into them.

Video: Cool Hotel and Fun on Stage


To Your Abundance!

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