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Want to use Instagram to build your network marketing business?

Here is the one simple trick that will get you more customers and recruits on instagram.

Use This One Simple Trick to Get Customers and Recruit Network Marketing Reps on Instagram

I’ve been flexing on Instagram this week.

Prior to this week, I was getting about a hundred visits a day to my Instagram. Past seven days, I’ve gotten 9,158.

So, we’re learning some secrets! And I’ll share some cool stuff with you here today.

I’m going to tell you the concept and the strategy, but you may have to Google how to use the tools if you aren’t familiar with Instagram.

Voting Polls

One of the secrets of how these people are recruiting so many people on Instagram is they’re doing it through voting polls on stories.

(How to post a story? Google how to do a story on Instagram and how to do a poll on Instagram story.)

Now, how will you apply it? So you can apply it a couple different ways.

After you post a poll you can see who responded to it by swiping up. You can see who voted yes or voted no.

And so based on this, based on this I can message them. I can say, “Hey I saw that you resonated with that quote, super cool, what is it that you do?” If I wanted to.

Now, if I wanted to get fancy schmancy, I want to get a little smarter I could say something like, “Drop me a comment.”

Don’t post company names. And, for the love of god, don’t post your company link but tell me what product or service are you offering.

Here is a generic one:

“Ever consider making money from home?”

Imagine as a network marketer someone the clicks YES.

You can send them a private message that says, “Hey, cool I saw that you answered yes on the poll. Have you tried anything? Are you currently in a home based business?”

What Not To Do

Don’t do what knuckleheads do.

Don’t brand your story by the company and give away the end of the movie.

Don’t have a link in there. Or a “Go here.”

Don’t do that stuff.

Just ask a question that’s based around the benefit of your product, service, or opportunity.

Have you ever considered making money from home? How are you doing on your 2019 weight loss plans?

By the way play with it. Don’t just have yes, no. Have some fun with it. And mix it up.

What if they Say No?

You can even send a message to the people that say no.

“Hey, I appreciate you filling out the poll. I see that you’re currently on track for your weight loss goals. Do you know anyone that might need some help?”

It’s all conversation. This is you generating more conversation and anything you can do to get a person to take on step, one step closer to you.

That’s what I wanted. Now, I cold called. I called realtor signs. I called business cards. I did all that stuff. I bought leads.

I dreamed of a day where I would get people doing something to reach out to me or doing something where it was at least a little warm. Someone that fills out a poll on your story, they’re a little warm. They’re a little warmer than the person you’re cold prospecting.

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