What if Your Upline is Terrible?

The reality is that not every upline is awesome.

Here’s a short video on what to do if your upline is pretty terrible.

My Worst Upline

I won’t ever name names but I can share with you the story of my very worst upline.

She was very controlling, talked down to me and others and did NOT like the fact that I believed in using the Internet and personally branding myself.

I get it. Most companies ONLY want soldiers to paint within the lines and my way of doing things isn’t always what they want to embrace.

She went so far as to start calling my personal recruits and bad mouth me. The final straw was when she publicly called one of my best leaders out in front of a decent sized crowd. At one point I had told her that if she leaves me alone I will make her money but that approach didn’t work…

Now, that story is pretty abnormal and terrible. I fully believe that MOST uplines don’t do these kind of crazy tactics (I am not even sharing the real crazy stuff) but it’s more likely to have an upline that simply does not communicate with you as much as you would like. The below video will help you with this scenario and you may also get a chuckle from our friend Bobby. =)

Video: When Uplines are Terrible

Did you get benefit from that? Do you know some people that might also need to watch this and get this perspective? Remember, YOU are the driver, follow what I say in the video and rock it out! Feel free to leave me a comment if you have a funny upline story or would like to share.

To Your Abundance!

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