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Here’s one of the Rank Makers Trainings that many leaders in Rank Makers wanted to share with their team.

In this training I get fired up and share 2 Words that can dramatically change your network marketing business.

Two Words To Alter Your Experience In Your Network Marketing Business

If you don’t have the results that you truly want in your life, these two words will alter your experience in your business and in your life.

My guess in most network marketing groups, you got about 1-2% that actually reach out to humans every single day.

If you’re not getting results, if you’re not making the money that you wish you were, if you’re not at the rank you wish you were, this will help.

I mean, you could use this for anything. You can use this for relationships, you can use this for weight loss, you can use it for fitness, you can use it for making money.

Word 1

I want you to embrace the word YET.

So instead of describing your experience and saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m just reaching out to people all the time. No one’s doing anything. I got this team, and they literally do nothing. They don’t do anything.”

Instead of describing your experience in the way that you feel is indicative of reality, use the word yet.

“When I’m reaching out to people and no one’s making a move yet, but I’m real excited. I’m working this thing, and I haven’t hit the next rank yet, but I’m working toward it.”

That little word, yet. It breathes hope and fire into your journey.

See, without that word, yeah, I’m reaching out to people and no one’s making a move. You hear the violins, and through tears, looking out the window, very depressing scene, dead trees out there, no leaves.

“I’m reaching out to people and no one’s making a move YET.” Breathes life and fire into your journey.

Injects a little bit of excitement in there. Man, I know how many of you watched the livestream or were at our event, but there’s a gentleman that came up, and I can’t remember his name. He said, “Hey man, I’m reaching out to a lot of people, and nobody’s moving forward.”

And I said, “Well, just throwing it out there, but maybe you need some energy. Maybe you need to step it up a little bit. Maybe you need to be more enthusiastic with how you show up to the world.

Maybe you need to say “Hey, I’m doing this thing, and I love it. I’m loving it, and I don’t know if it’s a fit for you or not, but hey man, this thing’s awesome. I love it. If you’re open to it, great. If not, no big deal.”

Notice, even with excitement and enthusiasm, I’m not hyping them. I’m not spamming them. I’m doing the same see if they’re open and give them an out.

Word 2

Now, let’s go the other way. Word to remove from your vocabulary.

There’s a word that you should just eradicate from your language, and that’s the word stuck.

I’m really stuck. I’m really stuck in my business. I’m really stuck at this rank.

It’s gotta be said with this exhausted I’m really stuck. I’m out of breath, and I’m stuck. I’m really stuck in my marketing. I’m really … I could barely get this word out. I’m really oh God. Oh man. Oh I gotta take a nap. I’m really stuck.

You gotta eradicate that, man.

You are the wizard. You are the sorcerer. You’re the sorceress. You are conjuring up your experience.

I realize you’re saying well “Ray, I’m just telling it like it is.”

That’s what I do. I’m just keeping it real. Saying like it is keeps it like it is. Justifying where you are keeps you where you are. You want to stay where you are? Then keep enchanting that. Keep chanting that I’m really stuck. I’m really frustrated. I’m really overwhelmed.

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There Are NO Limits

Keep using the words of the weak, the words of the tiny bears, the words of the I’m helpless, and I can’t do a damn thing. You got blood pumping through your veins then the same blood of Joan of Arc, the same blood of Alexander the Great, the same blood of Marcus Aurelius, the same blood of Julius Caesar, same blood yet you’re really stuck.

“I’m really frustrated. I’m really overwhelmed. I’m really disappointed.”

Eradicate that nonsense from the unlimited power, the unlimited beingness you have inside of you.

There are no limits.. You can do whatever you want. You can craft entire islands. You can alter countries. You can do whatever you want. You have the same blood as every conqueror, every emperor, every king, every queen, it’s all coursing through your DNA, coursing through your veins, but you’re speaking smallness into it.

How Are You Speaking To Yourself?

Now, imagine you have a child, and every day, you say to that child you’re really gonna struggle. You’re really not gonna do much. You’re not very smart. You’re really gonna suck. Yeah, life’s gonna be tough. I feel so sorry for you. See, I think, none of you would do that. Well, you do it to yourself every day. Many of you, not all of you. I know this, but many of you do it to yourself every day.

If I walk past someone talking to another person the way that many of you talk to yourself, I’d be like “Hey, take it easy. Whoa. Hold on there.”

If you walk past somebody talking to their child, and they’re speaking to their child the way that many of you speak to yourself, you’d call child services.

You’d be like “Hey, we got a really jerk parent here just reaming their kid. He’s telling them that they’re stuck, and that they suck, and that they’re never gonna make it. Ah, God. Hey, what can we do here? Can we like net him, or nab him, or something, or tranquilize him, or something, or rescue this poor kid?”

If you heard people, if you heard somebody talking to someone else the way that many of you talk to yourself, you’d turn them in. You would turn them in. You would report them.

Stop using the words of the weak. Eradicate it.

Many of you you’re just so accustomed to it.

Speak Life Into Your Journey

I don’t say those words. I don’t say overwhelmed. I don’t say frustrated. I don’t say stuck.

I don’t use those words unless I’m marketing to people that use those words. Right? You gotta intercept their thoughts, and so my marketing page may say that but I don’t say that ever. It doesn’t matter how much stuff I got on my plate.

Doesn’t matter if there’s something in my business not moving forward. I’m always breathing life into my journey by saying the words yet, by saying the words I’m happy and grateful. We’re not there yet, but it’s happening. We’re not there yet, but it’s going there.

I don’t use those words, period.

So, stop telling it like it is because all that does is keep it like it is.

I hope that this was helpful to you. I really hope you understand this. I know some won’t. I know we’ll have some casualties. I hope you understand every word I say is for your benefit.

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