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Two Step Close for Network Marketing Recruiting

Two Step Close for Network Marketing Recruiting

Do you feel like you blow it when it comes to Network Marketing Recruiting?

This two step process will have you spending less time with prospects and more time getting actual results!

The Truth About Closing

“Closing” should NOT be a dirty word to you if you are in network marketing. Think about it like this, every single person that shares their story at your company events would NOT have been impacted and would not have changed their life if they weren’t at some point “closed”.

If you are talking to people but not closing them, you are wasting their time. You cannot help someone unless they get around different people and into something that can lift them up and help educate them how to create a better life. Fortunately, closing does NOT have to be hard and you don’t have to be a hard closer, this simple two step process will help you get way more results in your network marketing recruiting.

Video: 2 Steps to More Results in Network Marketing Recruiting

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