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Facebook Lives are extremely powerful in educating people about your product and service.

Today I’m sharing a few important tips to nailing a Facebook Live and attracting an audience to view it.

The Two Most Important Aspects To Doing A Facebook Live

You likely think the answer to this is that it needs to be amazing content. You think that it has to be incredible. Now, am I saying don’t have good content? No, that’d be silly.

But what’s more important … and I know this sounds weird. But it’s the title and how you market your live.

The title of your Facebook live is so important because with all of the noise out there, with all of the people doing Facebook lives, and doing whatever post, and talking politically, and talking religiously, and talking or whatever else, right?

With all the stuff that goes on out there, you have to have a title that grabs them like tongs. And this is even more important, the less influential you are. The less influential you are, the more important this is.

That’s actually why we created our Persuasive Titles and Headlines booklet. But in the 14 Day Challenge, we actually cover how to come up with headlines that are persuasive, how to come up with headlines that will help you.

And why is this important? Because you’re in the marketing business.

Everyone’s got the “best product” or “best service”. But the problem is, if you’re not good at marketing, no one’s going to know about it.

Do you know how many companies launch each year with amazing products, but they suck at marketing and they close their doors? Because it doesn’t matter how great the product is, if no one hears about it.

This is why network marketing is such a powerful model because the company is saying, “Hey, we want some help in our marketing, so we’re willing to pay you a percentage. We’re not going to pay J.Lo to be on a jet ski drinking Xerox, right? Let’s instead pay, Hank the mechanic, let’s pay Tina the stay-at-home mom, let’s pay Jenny the therapist.” That’s why network marketing is such a powerful model.

But here’s where you really ramp it up, is if you increase the marketing knowledge of those network marketers that maybe haven’t read a lot of books on marketing, or a lot of books on persuasion, or driving traffic, or generating leads, or social media marketing, or anything like that.

Then you raise those levels of skill, then all of a sudden that company blows up.

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