Are you wondering how you can bring in more leads and optimize your time?

Today I’m talking about both marketing & prospecting, and sharing tips on executing both.

The Two Effective Methods For Building Network Marketing Your Business

When it comes to network marketing and generating leads, there’s two methods of building and I talk about these all the time.

First, there’s prospecting and then there’s marketing.


Prospecting is where you’re reaching out to an individual, and this could be online, offline. It could be cold market or  warm market. It could be through a telephone. It could be email message or private message.

But it’s you reaching out to an individual. That is what I call prospecting.

This you can control. You can control how many people you are reaching out to.

But marketing is actually passive. You’re doing something you hope an unnamed individual reacts or responds to.


This could be blog posts, podcasts, Facebook Live, status update. It could be a flier in the laundromat or drop cards. It could be anything you put out there.

But what’s different about marketing is that you don’t know who’s going to respond because it’s not aimed at an individual. It’s just aimed to get out there in hopes of someone reaching back out to you.

In marketing, you can control the creation of content, but you can’t control the results. In prospecting, you can control how many people you reach out to.

The problem with marketing is that it takes time. And if you’re not generating any money, any commissions, any results for a few months, most people call it quits.

So while you’re learning marketing, if you choose to learn marketing, keep prospecting. Because you can control that.

If you don’t have leads coming to you, people reaching out to you consistently enough to keep you busy in the time that you have to build your business, then prospect.


However, if you are marketing and pumping out content, instead of just chasing the money – focus on value.

So in your marketing world, instead of talking about your company, your product, and all the different things that you have that you would love to sell and get compensated for, instead focus on how someone would benefit from your product, service, etc. and go from there.

What might help them out? Are they interested in a meal plan? Are they interested in recipes? Or, are they interested in leadership tips, inspiration tips? What are they interested in?

But find out exactly why they need your offer and generate some value based content off of that information.

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