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Two Easy Strategies of Attraction Marketing


Attraction Marketing, or, the art of attracting people you don’t know to want to know you better, is actually pretty easy to implement once you understand a couple quick things. This post will help you, let me explain..

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing is creating content or taking actions that will allure people you do not know to want to know you better and possibly buy from you or join your network marketing business. People who do NOT understand attraction marketing think they are unable to do this until they have results which sorta defeats the purpose of learning it as you want attraction marketing to help get you more results when you have none right? Read on for my two easy tips

Attraction Marketing simplified

Here are questions you do not need to bother with when studying how to implement attraction marketing:

– What should I write about?
– Why would someone listen to me?

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– How do I get people to like me?

These are ALL very common questions new marketers have but ALL are selfishly focused. Attraction marketing is about the OTHER person, not you. It is about doing things in a certain way to get others to want to be around you, do you think that comes from bragging? Of course not!

Example: This is NOT Attraction Marketing!

Any action or marketing you do where the other person does not benefit but you clearly do is the opposite of attraction marketing. What would that be called? Rejection marketing? Distraction marketing? You pick but DON’T ask for actions where you clearly benefit without offering value, here are some examples:

1. Like my page at _______, I would really appreciate it! How the heck does this benefit the other person? Always think, WIIFT (Whats in it for them)

A better way to accomplish the above is “Hey, if you liked my video or blog post, do me a favor and Like my page at _________” At least in this example you are giving some value for exchange for the benefit to yourself.

Two Easy-Breezy Strategies

1. Take pictures and videos of you enjoying lifestyle stuff with friends and your family. People flock to reality TV and social media to escape their real life. Let them live through you. If you currently don’t take cool vacations or do fun things, why not start now? This little tip may just vastly improve your life and make you a better attraction marketer.

2. Stop focusing on yourself and provide some value. Identify problems with your target market and then buy books or courses on how to solve those problems and then write about them or shoot videos about the solving of those problems. For example: A lot of my target market struggle with recruiting people into their business. I don’t talk all day on how many people I recruit but instead offer tips, suggestions and even courses on how to easily recruit people into your opportunity. I focus on my readers, not myself. It is actually easier to do this than to pound your own chest with every video or blog. Follow these above two rules and you WILL be attracting more business and interest to you!

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