Do you want to change your life or at least drastically improve it?

This will share with you what I believe are the two biggest keys to success AND how to understand and use them.

What AREN’T The Keys to Success??

I believe most entrepreneurs or network marketers believe there are things that are keys to success that just aren’t. Most of them have to do with someone else that they see as successful as having some sort of different circumstances than they do.

For example, maybe some think their upline is only successful because they got in earlier or have a better relationship with the other leaders or management and that is why they can display something to their prospects that others cannot.

Here’s how to know if you are on the road to success….

IF you have a plan to play the hand you were dealt to get there, you are on your way. IF you believe that to become successful you need to have something you aren’t able to acquire, you are NOT on the road to success.

It really is that simple but I want to take a minute and break down what I believe are the two keys to success.

Success Keys and You

The first of the keys to success is something I talk about often and that is your vision.

WHO do you want to become?

This is VERY different than your WHY. A why (often referred to as a why that makes ya cry) is almost always something external of you like retiring a spouse, helping a charity, changing something in the world and normally when you share  your why with others you get applause, congrats and an approving message.

The problem is most people I meet have had the same why for years, they just haven’t accomplished it.

Something deeper than a why is your vision. WHO do you want to become that would also happen to accomplish all those why’s? What type of person would have all those things locked up in your why statements?

When I was dead broke, in personal foreclosure and being chased by bill collectors just a few short years ago, I wanted to become someone that made a difference, that at the end of the day before my head hit the pillow would receive gratitude from students and clients each and every day. I wanted to become someone who didn’t just have a successful and thriving business but one that was in harmony with his family life too. (I had also recently gone through a divorce when I first thought of all this). It was all about the type of person I wanted to become that would HAVE all those things in my life.

Who do you NEED to become that WOULD and SHOULD have all the things you want in your life? Grow into that. Strive every single day to take the type of action THAT person would have to take to BECOME the person that would have all the things you currently want in your life.

The Second Key to Success, “Your Why”…sort of

OK, so, after I just bashed having a why, the second of the keys to success does have to do with a particular type of why but probably not what you are thinking.

I believe the second of the keys to success is knowing why you are doing what you are doing in regards to the marketplace you are serving.

A standard why might be that you want to spend more time with your kids right?

A marketplace why might be that you want women to feel better about their weight so they are more confident in what they do (if you are in weight loss).

Your marketplace why is something that will drive you to take the actions each and everyday to move forward the fulfillment of witnessing the marketplace why AND it just might also be your most powerful marketing tool.

Let me give you an exact and recent example…

Last week we relaunched my wife’s newly updated course called “The 10k Social Media Recruiting Formula”, as of this blog it is NOT open for sale as we just closed the cart to it a few days ago. It was a very successful launch and people from all over the world grabbed a copy. In fact, in only a few days these are just some of the testimonials we received (again, we only just released it last week)

“Man, your wife’s course has got to be the best I have seen. I tried it this morning and signed up a guy in my real estate course. THIS WORKS. I have wanted to know this for 5 years! I am hooked on you and wife’s training” – Donald Candys

Kenny Coleman shared with us “After only a week of implementing your strategies I’ve already sponsored one person”

Rachael Rose shared on Facebook “I picked the course up last night. I haven’t even went through all of it and within 3 hours I had my first sign up!”

Dennis Taylor says ” The first day using Jessica’s 10K Social Media strategies I sent 10 direct messages. Out of those 10, I have 7 good conversations going, 1 person is looking at my presentation, and I potentially have a speaking gig at a local non-profit conference about Social Media!! Woohoo! I love what you guys teach!”

Soraya Turner says “I don’t have any new teammates just yet but I am so inundated with Facebook conversations that I can barely keep up! These conversations are simple and SOOOO effective!”

UPDATE: Yes, her course is currently closed but you can get on the waiting list for when we re-open it here

Soooo, what is OUR marketplace why?

Our Marketplace Why

We love the network marketing profession. We see it as the lowest cost, lowest overhead way for normal, everyday people to get started owning their own business, learning success principles and creating residual income. We love it so much that once our high paying network marketing position we held with a company started to conflict with how we wanted to impact the profession as a whole, we sold it. We didn’t have to but we knew it was in-congruent if we were going to be speaking at different company events and running training for other network marketing companies that it just didn’t make sense for us to continue building a team or even have a position inside any one company.

That was NOT an easy decision to make but we made it so there would be no slowing of how we could impact the profession as a whole. Our marketplace why is to increase the level of professionalism in the industry and teach proven and relevant strategies to network marketers. We believe every single unit of our training we sell impacts a network marketer to start doing the right things and stop doing the wrong things.

How many network marketers do you see do dumb stuff on social media? Can you say MOST of them?? Well, we know that any networker that buys a copy of my wife’s social media recruiting course actually helps them, the other people in their company, the company and the industry as a whole.

The reason is because when someone goes on social media and does all the dumb stuff like slather their company stuff all over their Facebook it discredits them AND people think that is what that company teaches. It weakens the profession as a whole and paints that company and person in a bad light. Even BAD network marketers are still connected to at least one hundred people with most people being connected to hundreds or even thousands.

With every unit of PROPER social media training we get into the marketplace, that means hundreds or even thousands of people WON’T be impacted negatively to think that network marketing is sleezy, scammy, hypey or something it isn’t.

Knowing your marketplace why is a big deal.

Is it to raise the confidence of women? Is it to lower the divorce rate by helping more couples travel? Is it to help increase the health levels in families so they can be happier and more productive?

This isn’t just some BS tagline but truly what embodies you to move forward and take the needed action on a daily basis.

So no, unfortunately the two keys to success aren’t some clever script or some amazing automated internet funnel, it is what lies in your mind and your philosophy about why you do what you do and WHO you want to become.

I hope this helps you in your journey, feel free to share with others if it did!

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