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Twitter Party! Free Coaching with Me Tonight!


It’s a Twitter Party and you are invited! Hop, skip and jump to Twitter tonight at 7:30pm eastern and get Free Coaching!

Watch this short video to learn exactly what a Twitter Party is and how you can participate =)

Tweet, Tweet!

Are you on Twitter? If so, awesome, it’s in the top 15 traffic sites in the world so great place to connect with people and if not, maybe you should be! (If you are, Click here and follow me on Twitter), those who follow me on Twitter have been known to increase their luck by 75% or more!*

*Results may vary

Two Benefits from Tonight’s Free Coaching

The first benefit you will get from attending my twitter party is you will get free coaching. Hit me with ANY question you may have about marketing, business, my favorite superhero or villain and I will happily answer from 7:30pm eastern to 8pm eastern tonight (March 6th, 2014).

The second benefit is exposure. With over 50,000 followers on Twitter, I am sure some of them will be attending the twitter party and maybe some of them will follow you too! This shouldn’t be your main reason to attend but hey, it certainly doesn’t hurt!

Details on my Twitter Party!

Sooo, join the fun, get free coaching AND get noticed! Tonights the night my friend! Share this with anyone you think might be on twitter or want some free coaching with me!

Twitter party Ray

To Your Abundance!

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