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Tutorial: How to Create a Facebook Ad

Lots of people have asked me how to create a Facebook ad so I thought I would shoot this quick video tutorial.

Keys to Creating an Ad on Facebook

1. Don’t target too many people

2. Make sure you pay attention to the geographic targeting, don’t just target every country if you cannot do business in every country

3. Be very clear in your ad on what they need to do and what action you want them to take

4. The best way to learn how to create a Facebook ad is to test with a small budget and track the results

5. Have a compelling image with a border around it.

6. If you are a network marketer, do NOT use the name of a company you are targeting, people don’t like that and they will mark you as spam which could get your account shut down. The powerful way how to create ads on Facebook is to have something compelling that DOESN’T right away sell something but offers something of value.

7. Be reasonable with your budget. Don’t spend $100 a day if this is your first time to create a Facebook ad. Start with $5 or $10 and pay attention to what happens and tweek from there. Once you determine that it is worthwhile for you to run them, THEN you can crank up the budget.

Why Create Facebook Ads?

You can target by area and by interest and there are over one billion people on Facebook now. This is a seriously legitimate way to get leads now that you may want to learn if you are desiring more leads.

Video: Step by Step-How to Create a Facebook Ad


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