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The Truth About How to Make Residual Income


Do you wanna know the truth about how to make residual income? This will help you have much better expectations than most people in a home business.

Watch this short video to learn the truth about how to make residual income!

Just Get Two!

I remember back in my early days of network marketing and attending meetings where they would poll the audience and ask them if they knew at least two people that might want to make money and everyone would raise their hand. Then they would lay out the perfect scenario that if they just got two, then helped their two get two in no-time flat they would be at $64,000 a day and own their own private island!

The truth about how to make residual income is, well, a little different. It sure is POSSIBLE that you only get two and you build an empire, most compensation plans actually have fail safes to prevent this requiring you to get at least 3, 6 or 12 but again, it is possible but if you are recruiting people in the framing of them doing the LEAST work possible, you are doing them and your self a disfavor.

Just Another Biz Owner but with Leverage

Network marketing is powerful but it isn’t magic. It’s rare to have someone that doesn’t treat it like a business actually succeed just like it’s rare for a small business owner of any type. The difference is leverage. Look at other income or career models and you will find the chances of creating residual income is roughly zero. Watch this short video below to see what I mean and also to learn the truth about residual income.

Video: How to Make Residual Income

So that video either helped you and solidified what you already thought or made you realize you weren’t a scratch off lotto player =)

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To Your Abundance!

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