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Our Trip to Mount Rushmore & South Dakota

Our Trip to Mount Rushmore

This summer vacation we decided to do a trip to Mount Rushmore and throughout South Dakota.
Check out the fun video and all the cool stuff to do in South Dakota!

The Places We Visited in South Dakota

It was a super incredible trip, way cooler than we even imagined!

We visited
– Mt Rushmore
– Crazyhorse
– Wind Cave
– Custer State Park and Wildlife Loop
– Bear Country USA
– Wounded Knee
– Helped the boys and girls club in Hot Springs
– Thunderhead underground falls
– Wall Drug
– Badlands
– Deadwood
– Wild Horse Sanctuary
– Gold panning in the city of Lead
– Helped boys and girls club on the Pine Ridge reservation
– Sturgis (Biker heaven)
– Mammoth Site
– Evans Plunge
– and Rapid City

Be sure to  watch the video below to see some of the cool highlights!

Our Trip to Mount Rushmore and South Dakota

We love taking the kids to see new places, if you enjoyed this video, feel free to share and comment. We are now planning our Winter trip, somewhere that is fun with lots of snow inside the US that we have not been to. If you have any suggestions, comment below!

To Your Abundance!

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