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Our Trip to Maui

trip to maui

So today is our final day in our trip to Maui and wanted to share with you some of the awesomeness that is Maui!

Watch this fun and short video to see some of the highlights.

What to do in Maui

First of all we stayed in Kapalua at the Ritz Carlton and it is just amazingly beautiful. Arguably the best resort we have stayed at in the US for sure (Grand Del Mar in San Diego is still our Favorite though).

We did the following in Maui:
– Snorkeled in Kapalua Bay
– Hung out at the Lavender farm
– Hiked the lake loop in Village walk trails
– Drove to the top of the Haleakala volcano crater
– Survived the Road to Hana (get the CD R2H if you go)
– Visited the Ke’anae Peninsula
– Short hike to the Upper Waikani Falls
– Visited Kahanu Garden
– Ate at Mama’s Fish house (of course, ANY trip to Maui should include this)
– Ate at Sea House (best value on the Island)
– Ate at Sansei (fun, sushi place in Kapalua)
– Sunset Cruise
– Had fun on the Black sand beach and in a beach cave (our favorite spot on the entire trip to Maui)
– Hiked 3 hours to see Waimoku Falls
– Checked out the seven sacred pools

Still lots of things we didn’t get to do but man, was it a lot of fun! We highly suggest visiting Maui, if we had to do it over we would book the Inns by Mama’s fish house, seems reasonably priced and more centrally located than Kapalua but Kapalua is one amazing resort that you should definitely check out!

Video: Our Trip to Maui

Listen, a few years ago I could never imagine being able to go on a trip like this, like I said earlier in the week on my blog, work hard, play hard. Keep working on yourself and your business so YOU can create amazing memories and have peak life experiences. You can do it!

Comment below if you enjoyed the video and for those attending Top Earner Academy, see you soon!

To Your Abundance!

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