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Trip to Maui: Work Hard Play Hard


We are day one on our trip to Maui and want to talk to your about the importance of work hard play hard.

Watch this short video from my balcony in Maui to learn WHY playing is important to your growth.

Our Trip to Maui

We are actually here for a training with our network marketing company but booked 4 extra days to explore and have fun. We have never been to Maui so pretty excited to get out and explore as soon as this blog is finished =)

Why you NEED to Invest Time In Your Dreams

MOST of the videos I make for you is preparing you for how tough it is going to be to build your business and today is a little different. Today I am focused on the concept of work hard play hard and WHY it is important for YOU to put time into creating in your mind.

Where do YOU want to go? Where do YOU want to see? WHO do you want to travel with or hang out with and where?

Answering these questions can help you get past the tough days (and there will be tough days) and then when you experience those things you focused on attaining, you will know that your journey was well worth it.

Video: Work Hard Play Hard

By the way, this is our very first time in Maui, I have received some suggestions but feel free to comment below anything you think we MUST experience. Also, if you have reps in your team that are struggling and not sure if they want to keep going, share this with them, it just might give them the spark to want to keep working.

Appreciate you!

To Your Abundance!

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