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Trainer Tips: How to Be a Coach


Do you have the desire to learn how to be a coach? Today I am sharing some trainer tips when it comes to what to ask when you bring on new coaching clients.

Watch this short video to learn what questions I ask of new clients and why.

Should You Be a Coach?

First of all, the context of coaching in this post is around business coaching, not sports coaching. My answer to the question of “should you be a coach” might be different than most. I think you MIGHT consider a side income with coaching and training IF you are actively growing a business, love working with people AND you have value to bring.

Notice I mentioned growing a business first, to me, the best coaches are NOT the ones that stopped building a business years ago and now just coach people from the lifeguard chair, I prefer coaches that are in the trenches of their business and learning and testing new things as well.

Inside the short video, what I share with you is my favorite questions to ask a new coaching client and why I ask them.* This video might just help you learn how to be a coach and what it takes.

*Sidenote: I am considering creating more training on how to be a coach, comment below if that interests you

Video: Questioning and How to be a Coach

Did you enjoy my trainer tips? Were those good questions to ask? I am again considering teaching more on how to run a coaching business, if that does interest you, comment below and let me know and feel free to share this with any coaches or people who want to learn how to be a coach!

To Your Abundance!

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