business coachesToday we share our top tips for business coaches. Whether you are coaching your network marketing teammates or actually have clients, these will help.

Feel free to share these tips for business coaches with anyone currently a coach or wanting to be a business coach.

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Our biggest event of the year is September 16-18th and we are calling it the Prospecting and Recruiting Summit. This event will share with you how to better prospect and recruit more people into your network marketing team using social media as well as all other forms of prospecting and recruiting. We have not announced the full details of the speakers just yet but they already include recruiting machines such as Brian Carruthers, Cedrick Harris, Amani Zein, Jessica Higdon, John Melton, Diane Hochman and more. It is being held at the Sanibel Harbor Resort in Ft Myers, Florida. We start at 9am on Friday and end at 4pm on Sunday. Hope to see you there! To grab your tickets, CLICK HERE

Lots of NEW Business Coaches out There!

A few weeks ago we did a mini-course called the Micro Coaching Cash Blueprint where we taught, step by step, how to become a profitable coach even if you don’t have a ton of results yet. You see, you don’t have to fake it or make up some phony resume, there are types of coaching that anyone can do, that is badly needed, without requiring massive results. Since this course the testimonials have been pouring in of people who have never had a coaching client before that now have paid clients and some are seriously rocking it, here are just a few we have been sent already:

“Hey Ray, so excited just had to let you know.  I went through your Micro Coaching course, implemented a few of your tips and had 4 coaching clients sign up within a week!  Talk about instant income!  This is the first time I’ve ever offered paid coaching and I can’t wait to ramp it up!  Thanks for putting together such a quality course!  You’re awesome!” – Bob Clarke, Part-time entrepreneur

“Hey Ray!! Just letting you know that I just booked my first $500/mo coaching client on purpose after being on that webinar!!!! I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to be adding this additional stream of income to my business… And the extra cash is great, but contributing to someone else’s life and business is a high that I can’t get enough of!! Thank you!!!!” – Matthew Hamel

“I have never had a paid coaching client but in just three days after going through Ray’s Micro Coaching Cash Blueprint, I teamed up with a friend and now have 14 PAID clients! I never thought I could do something like this but his training showed me EXACTLY what to do, thanks so much Ray!” – Ryan Wilt

“Best investment! I already know how I am taking my coaching business. So awesome! You’ve already helped me and can’t wait for next level coaching.” – Lisa Torres

Almost everyday since that training we are getting people message us about how they added their first client or more clients than they had prior so we thought we would give everyone some of our best tips on being business coaches and hope they help!

business coachTips to be a Great Business Coach

  1. See people for who they could be, not where they are. We are never our circumstances or obstacles, we are always poised for greatness or to make a major change for the good even if the going is tough, believe in people, they can feel that.
  2. Find out what someone wants AND if they are coachable before you give them advice. Unwanted advice is the fastest way to lose friends and come across as a know it all.
  3. What gets measured can be improved. You want to know the current results of someone as soon as you start training so you can gauge how effective your coaching is to help them improve those areas. Sort of like a doctor, know the symptoms of their pain so you can work to improve those areas.
  4. Coaching individuals isn’t leveraged but it can be fun and rewarding. Being a business coach is one of the most rewarding ways for me to spend my time and even though it isn’t “residual income” it sure is a nice income and an income I enjoy creating.
  5. NO amount of money is worth having a bad client or a client that drives you crazy. Just because someone offers you money does not mean you have to accept it. Be picky and know your worth, you should not have anyone in your life that impacts you negatively. Be willing to let a client go if your heart says that is the right move.
  6. You should know that MOST people simply don’t appreciate FREE coaching. IF you are doing free coaching to make yourself feel better, go for it. If you are doing free coaching to help others get actual results, you may want to rethink that strategy. Allow people to compensate you for your time and they WILL take your advice much more seriously and may actually implement the ideas you give them.

There you have it! Hopefully these tips can help you in your quest to be a better business coach. We love helping business coaches and seeing new ones create success, if you want more on this topic be sure to comment below and let us know!

Were these helpful? There are others out there that could use this advice, feel free to share around and drop me a comment if you found this helpful!

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