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Top MLM Leader, My Wife Jessica

Top MLM Leader Jessica Higdon

She used to have one really long name

Today I want to give kudos, love and appreciation to someone who can never get enough credit for how awesome she is, my wife..OK, before you go saying I am just kissing up to her, hear me out on why I believe she is a top MLM leader and one of the most powerful women I have ever known.

Jessica Higdon, MLM Powerhouse

When Jess started her business we were only dating so I did NOT pay her way in nor did I do everything for her, she did it herself. When she started she was nervous to even talk around me to a prospect on the phone and now I have seen her close at least 20 people over the phone while I was sitting next to her. I am so proud of her in that it would have been easy for her to not work so hard and just let me do the working but she has never, not once, asked for that, she has always wanted to not only contribute but actually kick ass! She is the number one female earner in our company and one of the top recruiters as well.

What she said last night that almost made me cry

Top Network Marketing Leader

Standing Room Only

Last night we ran a home meeting for our company in our house, we had standing room only and it rocked. I did the intro, outro and training and Jessica did the presentation. After the presentation this one prospect said, “I cannot do this, I work 70 hours a week” and she replied, without missing a beat and with a bit of a chuckle, “How long you wanna keep doing that?”. The guy didn’t understand at first what she meant but then got it that this young female was on her game and she got through to him that maybe his life was not as great as he thought and made him totally shift his thinking to being open about the industry.

I have since heard her so many times on the phone telling people it might not be a fit for them and other very postured sayings I am just so proud of her. She has ran probably a hundred or so lunch and home meetings, she really is a powerhouse.

So if you are out there and think that she has not worked for her success, you are wrong, I have been tough on her and she built her business, not me and for that, I applaud her as a great MLM leader!

Now, watch her cry on Valentines Day!

One thing that has never changed about her is her level of gratitude. Check out this video I shot on Valentines Day, I always want her to know how much I appreciate her and even though she didn’t want me to film all of this, I just couldn’t help it..

If you have gotten value out of her training, let her know by posting a comment below. She stuck by my side when times were really tough and has grown into one amazing not just wife, but also a top leader, love you babe!

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