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How Top Network Marketing Earners Treat Their Upline

Top MLM EarnersI have noticed there is a big difference with how top MLM income earners treat their uplines vs those that struggle. I have witnessed this so many times that well, there just had to be a blog written about it!

How Top MLM Earners Treat Their Uplines

Let’s first discuss how those who are doing well treat their uplines:

1. They look for collaboration and feedback. They may run ideas past their uplines, or ask them to participate in webinars or events.

2. They look for advice on certain situations.

3. They have their uplines welcome new members to the team.

Overall, they think of their uplines as a supportive arm of their own business. Someone that has a vested interest in their success and they have no problems reaching out to them for questions or support.

How Those That Struggle Treat Their Upline

Well, they mainly stay in their own heads when it comes to their upline. They rarely ask for help. I see them struggle with two THOUGHTS:

1. Their upline is too busy for them.

2. They have not earned the time with their upline, meaning, they have not had enough success in their own mind to warrant being able to approach their upline.

These two THOUGHTS are very dangerous and it is some of the reasons why people jump from company to company constantly looking for something that just does not exist. No matter how good an upline is, they are never mindreaders and if they have a large team they are responding to who actually takes ACTION and reaches out to them.

Top MLM Earners - Elliot Hiller, Ray Higdon and Michael Oliver

Elliot Hiller, Me, Michael Oliver

What does a good upline look like?

A good upline, in my opinion, should create marketing and training resources that anyone in the team can use and also respond to the questions, concerns of the downline while providing an easy way to communicate with them. This upline should also be doing the actions they are suggesting to their downlines such as meetings, webinars, recruiting, etc as the word “upline” does not simply mean “management”. For an upline to be “too busy” for their downline is ludicrous and I have found that more often is is in the downlines mind that they determine the upline is too busy versus that actually be the reality.

Suggestions for Success

If you are not where you want to be, reach out to your upline and at least give them a chance to help before you think that it will be any different in a future company with a different leader. Be willing to listen to those that have the success that you desire versus assume you know it all. As I have stated many, many times, don’t look at what you think you know, simply look at your results to determine if you need help or not.

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