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Top MLM Earners are Hustlers, Not Hopers

To become one of the top mlm earners, you have to hustle, not just sit around and hope. Perhaps, because of all the hype that goes around the Internet, you don’t know the difference, let me explain.

Top MLM Earners Don’t Sit and Hope for Leads

Last night I did a webinar for My Lead System Pro, there were over 900 attendees that stayed on the line for almost two hours to hear me talk about 10 different ways to get 50 leads per day. Several of these tactics involved the person leaving the comfort of their keyboard and going out there and getting leads. Some were hoping for a way to sit at home wearing their snuggie, sipping a cappuccino while watching price is right and have leads come to them. So, they, were hoping. Perhaps it is time more of this country and especially more in this industry started hustling.

Hustlers don’t wait for things to happen, they make them happen. I didn’t wait around for traffic to come to my blog before I started talking to people about my homebased business opportunity, I went out and prospected. I talked to people online and offline. I didn’t just hope someone was going to locate me with their credit card in hand.

Top MLM Earners were never fooled

There is an interesting phenomenon going on in the network marketing world. Internet marketers are selling tons of products convincing people they can be top mlm earners without ever picking up the telephone. Whereas that may be the case in other industries (albeit not likely), it is NOT the case for network marketing. Don’t fall into this hope trap. That all you do is throw a blog or video somewhere and all of a sudden you are shocked to find yourself a big producer in your mlm company.

Almost as bad as hoping for leads…

Almost as bad as hoping for leads, is hoping for duplication. Ask yourself this question, would any of the top mlm earners sit around and watch the clock anxiously refreshing their back office every few minutes hoping for duplication? Of course not. If you want to be one of the top mlm earners in your company or in the world, you have to be the leader. You have to lead by example. You have to be fully OK with personally generating every commission you receive for the first 3,6 possibly even 12 months. You are not just a number in someone’s downline, you are a HUSTLER, now, go out there and HUSTLE!

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