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Exclusive Clip From Our Top Earner Academy!

Well, my friend, the first day has been an AMAZING day at Top Earner Academy.  I'm so honored that so many people came in from all over the world to attend this event.  The room was completely packed...in fact, the hotel staff had to bring in at least a dozen extra chairs because we had people lined up outside who wanted to attend but hadn't purchased a ticket yet!  It was incredible! Todd Falcone rocked the stage today teaching all about prospecting, recruiting and closing people into your business.  And my wife, Jessica, spent an intense 2+ hours diving deep into exact method she uses for recruiting cold prospects online through Social Media.  People were taking notes like crazy and we've already gotten so many comments from folks at the event and watching via livestream that they've learned so much and gotten so much value. And, it's only day 1!! I asked the amazing film crew at the event to let me release this 15 minute snippet from yesterday so I could share with you the life-changing experience so many are receiving this weekend.  Enjoy it, and if you want to be a part of this first ever event, you can still join us via Livestream by going to www.TopEarnerAcademy.com and we'll send you immediate access so you can watch all the fun unfold right from your living room! And, the cool thing is, is you missed out on catching the livestream of the event today, you don't have to worry at all!  The recordings of the event will be up for several days after it's over.  So you can watch, take notes, and take a lunch break too;)
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