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Top Earner Recruiting:
What to Say When They
Don’t Have The Money

top earner recruiting

It is one of the more common and tougher MLM objections to overcome, what do you say when they tell you they don’t have the money? This post from my top earner series will help.

They Are Almost Always Lying to You

Know that most of the times when someone tells you they don’t have the money, they are lying. They do this mainly for a few reasons:

1. They believe it is an MLM objection that you cannot overcome, thereby, it’s really them blowing you off.

2. You have not placed your opportunity into a section of their brain that they classify as something they want or need to solve their problems or help them achieve their desires.

3. They see you as pitching them something to purchase of which they don’t have “extra” money. You want them to see your opportunity as something that actually helps them that they WANT.

Top Earner Secrets of Closing the Sale

So, in this post I am going to share with you three ways to combat this objection. If you get stuck at THIS objection, you will recruit at least 20% fewer people that you would if you COULD answer it. Here are three top earner responses to when they tell you they don’t have the money:


1. Just curious, if you had worked out the money, what would have been the biggest factor that helped you come up with the money? This will get their brain thinking about raising and coming up with money versus their current stance of not having any.

2. I appreciate that AND  in spite of not having money, isn’t the real question how you can start enjoying the benefits NOW without suffering any longer? This gets them to see that they ARE suffering without your solution, and, everyone wants good things now, not later.

3. Let me ask you this, if you had the money would you move forward? If they say no, this will help you find out the real objection. If they say yes, do this…

Have them pull out a piece of paper and write at the top, I am so happy and grateful that I joined _________ (insert company name). Then, tell them to write 50 ways for them to come up with the money to join. For example, my company USED to be $495 to join but currently is only $119. So, I would tell them to come up with 50 ways to come up with $119 and I help them get the list started, I tell them to write down 1. Have a yard sale, 2. Pawn some jewelry, 3. Borrow $20 from 6 people, 4. Borrow $40 from 3 people, etc and so forth. Tell them you will follow up with them in three days to get them started and send that energy into their efforts.

Driven people that WANT to make a change, WILL come up with the money. I would say we recruit about 70% of the people that originally tell us they don’t have the money, with these three top earner secrets, you can too!

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To Your Abundance!

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