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Top Earner Academy Live! 2


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VIPsFor V.I.Ps… the fun doesn’t stop on Saturday! Sunday is going to be a true “day to remember.”


You get to settle in for a special EXTRA DAY of Top Earner mastermind training. Jessica, myself, and your fellow V.I.P’s are going to personally work on your business with you.


We absolutely insist you leave this remarkable event totally set for massive income growth. So in an intimate V.I.P setting… we’re going to offer you actionable-feedback on your website, your sales funnel, your lead gen systems, and anything else that’s critical to your success.


And any prospecting challenges you’re facing… we’ll share custom-tailored Top Earner strategies that will quickly solve them. 


Plus… you get to soak in all the practical advice and instruction given to your fellow V.I.P’s. As I’m sure you can imagine, this promises to be an incredible day, filled with countless light bulb moments and business breakthroughs.


Even better: on the rare occasions we’ve offered this kind of intensive personal attention, we’ve typically charged at least $10,000.00. But while seats remain, when you upgrade below to a V.I.P Full Access Pass… it’s yours for just a fraction of the price.


Ray and Jessica


Mr. X


A private, up close & personal Mastermind Session with our special guest speaker, Mr. X!  He's an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and bestselling author who is a recognized worldwide leader in the business, real estate investment, and financial training fields and became one of America's youngest self-made millionaires at the age of 27.  In this special VIP session only, he's going to teach you about "higher level" business tactics to scale your business FAST!  This training is ONLY for serious Networkers!





Front Row


Strictly Limited Special V.I.P front-of-room table seating! Grab yourself a great upfront and personal view of all the action… making it even easier to take notes and soak in the full Top Earner experience…







Daily Gourmet Lunch! Join Ray, Jessica and your fellow V.I.P’s on Thursday, Friday & Saturday for an intimate and delicious luncheon, with food and drinks expertly supervised by JW Marriott’s head chef Melissa Kelly.







Thursday Night V.I.P Only Mixer/Cocktail Party! Relax and mingle with many of networking’s top coaches and trainers.



















Naturally, V.I.P seating is strictly–limited, so please
         take this opportunity while it lasts.


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No thanks, I'll pass on the extra day of Top Earner mastermind training worth $10,000 alone, and all the other V.I.P perks…


You know, even leaders have lids.


A common thing I see in our profession is the "leader lid".  A   go-getter is recognized as a leader and celebrated and they work their   way up to $10k,$20k,...even $30k a month and then they stop growing or   stay there for a long time.


Why? Because their natural skill carried them there and they didn't invest in coaches to get there so why should they now?


I was there too. I was stuck at only growing my business by 20% annually until I hired coaches and the same year increased by a full 100%. 


It takes guts, it's not easy, but the world you want to craft is right outside your comfort zone. 


Find the right coach and they are worth it, so long as you do the work and stay coachable.


Act Now before all the VIP spots are taken!