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To Find the Love of Your Life,
Study Marketing?

On a video shoot yesterday, love her!

On a video shoot yesterday, love her!

OK, so this is not my normal blog post but it is SOO important to me and my life, figured I would share my thoughts on how to find the love of your life (like I did!)

What does Marketing have to do with the Love of Your Life?

No, I am not referring to writing articles targeting single men or women, I am talking about what all good marketers do, they create an avatar or their perfect prospect/customer.

In marketing, you should know the exact type of person you really want to work with, the ideal person and when you know this, you will alter your approach, where you might hang out and how you try to acquire customers and teammates if you are in network marketing. However, when it comes to dating, MOST people that are not in happy relationships focus on all the things they don’t want. That would be like me paying attention to all the people that are skeptical about network marketing and trying to convince them than working with people that are enlightened and already get it (oh wait, some people do spend all day trying to convince the skeptics, well, that’s another subject!)

How I Found the Love of my Life540153_535698509797711_1126735654_n

Meet Jessica, she is ten times more talented, smarter and so outclasses me in looks it is insane but, she’s my wife and I give gratitude every single day for her being in my life. So, how can you find your Jessica?

1. First of all, you may have your Jessica already. A lot of times people are attracted to people that have a lot of differences than them and that attracts them, at first. Then, as the relationship moves out of the honeymoon stage, the partner(s) start to notice AND GET ANNOYED by the differences and why they don’t think or act like them, thereby desiring traits that the person never actually possessed. IF you want to change this, start to be grateful for what they do have and switch to thinking about what originally attracted you to them. Maybe they are perfect for you, you just need to get back into gratitude for them and realize that some people are alone their entire life.

2. If you don’t have anyone but really want to find the love of your life, start focusing on what you actually want. One of my closest friends Gabe told me, after I had gone through a bad breakup, to make a list of every single trait that I wanted in my perfect mate. Here are some of the traits I wrote down:

– Great sense of humor
– Gets along with my friends
– Loves my kids
– Beautiful
– Ambitious
– Smart
– Grateful

Here’s the wild thing. I wrote that list, forgot about it, and when Jessica and I were moving out of the first house we lived together in, I found it and just started crying. Anyone who knows Jessica knows that list describes her to a T (too bad I forget to write “Likes to Cook”) lol, sorry babe, just kidding!

What are the Traits of the Love of Your Life?

Notice the list above. Not one trait is something I DIDN’T want. I didn’t write:

– Doesn’t beat me
– Isn’t a terrible person
– Doesn’t treat me like the last person
– Doesn’t have issues

Yet, when I hear people talk about who they want in their life, a LOT of the times they spend the whole time talking about all the things they DON’T want! Stop it, switch to locate and WRITE DOWN all of the traits you WANT in your perfect mate. Then, BE the type of person that a person like that would WANT to be with. IF you want someone that is outgoing, don’t stay in your house playing Halo all day, get out there and BE an outgoing person!

I don’t profess to be a love doctor but I do know that I did something right. From going through divorce and many bad breakups and wondering if I would ever find the love of my life to where I am now feels amazing, and YOU deserve that too! I know that the perfect person is out there, you just have to consciously focus on what you want and get out there and find them! I cannot imagine being happy with a thriving business but no Jessica, she makes the achievement so worthwhile to me and I do NOT think I would have ever reached the level of success that I have without her.

Here’s to having a better Valentines day every year from here on out! Share this around if you have friends you think might benefit from it!

To Your Abundance!

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