Today I’m going to give you my very best tips on prospecting in network marketing.

First, I’m going to share with you the biggest reason people struggle with prospecting. Next I’m going to share with you maybe a weird speed factor to get faster results. Lastly, I’m going to give you the secret to feeling better about prospecting.

What is the biggest reason that people struggle with prospecting?

Prospecting is something that we are absolutely experts at here at the Higdon Group. In the last three years, we have helped network marketers just like you bring in over 300,000 new customers, 71,000 new reps and achieve 14,000 rank advances. So, we know what holds people back from prospecting, what they struggle with and what actually makes someone successful with prospecting.

The biggest reason that people struggle with prospecting is the fear of looking stupid. They don’t want someone to make fun of them, they don’t want to be laughed at and you don’t want that in your life. Most people don’t want rejection. There’s a thing about rejection. It means that you’re addicted to the outcome. What you’ll learn on our blog and what you’ll learn inside of this post as well is to be more addicted to your activity than their response. There are people that I prospected when I was actively building a network marketing organization that I would have swore they are not going to be interested but they ended up joining and not only that, they ended up building a successful business or using the product to create more enjoyment out of their life. Stop being so tangled up and worried if they say yes or no. Stop trying to close everybody that you talk to or worry that they’re going to reject you and instead, just see if they’re open. It’s a much more powerful energy for you to see if someone is open and if they are, move forward and if they’re not, don’t worry about it. It’s really not that big of a deal.

If I could give you one piece of advice around prospecting network marketing, it’s say less to more people. Just see who’s open. There’s a lot of people out there looking for the benefits of your product. There’s a lot of people out there looking for additional money from home and they don’t know how to do it. Be willing to have courage and ask them if they’re open to learning more and if they’re not, that’s totally cool.

What is this weird speed factor?

Well, we teach that there are four P’s to creating success inside of network marketing. We are going to cover a couple of those in this post. Not all of them (we have covered that in other posts and in other videos on our YouTube channel). The four P’s are pipeline, posture, position, perspective.

The speed factor is perspective. Perspective is “where do you spend the majority of your time in your mind?” What are you focused on? What are you giving energy to? What are you thinking over and over and over? You may think that doesn’t matter….”what are you talking about?” Despite all of the things out there such as Think and Grow Rich, David Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big….literally scientific proof that your thoughts do change circumstances, that your thoughts do create new opportunities inside of your life.

Let me share what most people do. Most people, they are so honed in on their current results, they talk about it, they share about it, they feel bad about it often and they focus on all the things they don’t have in their life. That’s the majority of the time they spend inside of their mind. They are what I would call “vibrationally congruent” with the results. When you’re vibrationally congruent with your results, there’s no need for anything to change because your subconscious (which is literally the co-creator of your world around you) says “oh, they’re happy with what they have because that’s what they’re focused on.” The more time you spend noticing, journaling, blogging, talking about, sharing, getting upset about all the things in your life you don’t want, the more you secure that they stay the way they are.

Now, I know it is very common for people to say I’m just telling it like it is. Well telling it like it is literally keeps it like it is. Your perspective has to change. You have to become vibrationally incongruent.

I’ll give you an example where I use that, this is a non-financial example (I’ve done plenty of that too). About a year ago, I bought ballroom dancing lessons for my wife and I. I have never danced my whole life. I’m the guy leaning up against the wall and the bar and let’s just say I had two or perhaps three left feet. As I start going to these lessons, they’re asking me questions like, “Ray, do you hear the rhythm? I’m like, “I just don’t get it,” right? I’m off beat, I’m off rhythm. I think they’re about to send me to a surgeon to see if there’s something wrong with my hips because they are not moving, it’s a box.  About four months in, I still suck, I’m going to two classes a week and I’m terrible. I’m forgetting my steps and I’m not improving. In fact I know this to be true because there was a guy in class that had a lesson after me and he was new too. He was lacing up his shoes and watching me dance and afterwards he came up to me and goes “oh my goodness, I am so glad I came to this lesson to see you. I feel so much better about myself.” I’m like thanks, thanks buddy. You know didn’t need to say that, you know what I’m saying?

That night I went home and realized, I wasn’t using any of my mental power. I was not using perspective. I teach this stuff yet I wasn’t using it. From that day forward, I started seeing myself as a better dancer. I started seeing myself in my mind, remembering the steps, I saw myself gliding across the dance floor. There were a few questions. Number one, how would that feel? It would feel amazing. I started spending more time with memories of my future than my current reality. I became vibrationally incongruent. I asked myself how would I know it’s true? Well I would get compliments. I would have the instructors say things and other people would give me compliments and say how much I’ve improved or that I was looking good out there etc.

Within four days, I was back in that dance studio (I had practice this every night before bed just in my mind, couple minutes) I did a little move and the dance instructor is like “wow, impressive.” The dance studio owner said, “very much improved.” They later told me that there was a day where I showed up in the dance studio and all of a sudden I just like monumentally got better faster…That was the day I changed my perspective. By the way about four or five months ago, my wife and I placed first place in two different classes in our division at a very large competition in Miami. I didn’t increase the number of classes I was going to, I changed my perspective, that’s the speed quotient.

What is the secret to feeling better about prospecting?

The secret is also one of the four P’s. We just talked about perspective, right? This one is position. Knowing the position of the prospect. This is so important, not just to increase how you feel about prospecting but also to actually increase your results. Position is always being aware of “where is your prospect.” If you are calling friends and family, you better assume they are at position zero, unless you know otherwise. Position zero means, I don’t know if they’re open or not. Your mission as a network marketer is to ask people if they’re open. Are you open to learning more? Not are you open to joining. Without information, no one’s ready to join. Not are you ready to purchase. Without information, no one’s ready to purchase. You first have to ask, “are you open to learning more?” Are you open to taking a look? Are you open to checking this out. Here’s what it does, here’s how it can help you. Are you open to learning more? Your mission is not to try to close everyone around you, your mission is to see who’s open. Be addicted to that mission because you have no idea who you may think is in your phone or connected to you on social media. You have no idea if they’re on their hands and knees at night praying for something that you could actually help them with. Become addicted to your activity, not their response. Stop worrying so much about getting rejected, stop worrying so much about looking stupid or anything like that and instead, create the possibility of you making a difference in other people’s lives.

Want to up-level your game?

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