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Tips on How to Make Money Blogging


Just got done speaking at the No Excuses Summit in Vegas, thought I would share my presentation on how to make money blogging!

Simple Formula: How to Make Money on a Blog

Inside the below video I go into WAY more detail but if you want to know how to make money blogging, it can be broken down into three basic steps:

1. Define who you want to work with and attract to you.

2. Define what their needs, desires and problems are.

3. Immerse yourself in your profession or industry, learn HOW to solve their problems and help out those target prospects and TEACH them what you are learning! I learned this through mlsp but that, in a nutshell, is how you do it!

My Basic Blogging Tips

0kKMcSfXk8E2DJxcUzbPJhhotHjjbjNIkRFyxlatxQI,_UvjSmO1f_sx6IvLptVSwLh5OaK1QvJkPA7YFMhnQBs,2XfcF9xobr-hlvRzHG73UZaeY5ER2rSLRW5poOQxPDUBrand you. If you brand you, you will never be reliant on a crutch that could go away. This does NOT mean to not be a part of other systems of MLM’s, you can still brand and focus on building the value YOU put into the marketplace while being a part of something.

Stop focusing on the wrong things. If you don’t have a good giveaway on your blog, stop focusing on getting more traffic and instead focus on conversions. If you suck at talking to people, stop trying to get more leads and instead focus on getting better at converting them.

Video: How to Make Money Blogging in Three Steps

Inside this video, shot in my room at the MGM grand right after I got done speaking, I share what I talked about from stage. It will give some of you the ONLY chance at hearing and seeing what I talked about and others will get to review it that watched live. I hope you enjoy this presentation on how to make money blogging and if you do, please comment and share, thanks so much all!

To Your Abundance!

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