Some of the best tips for Network Marketing come from unusual and unexpected places.

Today’s show shares a powerful, less than one minute video of advice from Steve Martin.

Steve Martin, One of my Faves

I have always enjoyed about anything I have ever seen from Steve Martin. I think he is brilliant as an actor and any interview I have seen of him has inspired me in the way he talks about success. He is also responsible for one of my favorite quotes of all time…

“Be so Good They Can’t Ignore You” – Steve Martin (Click to Tweet)

Yesterday my bud Tony Rush shared the below video and after watching it several times I decided to turn it into this blog post as it resonated with me so much and also wanted to give you my take on what he is saying in this very short video.

By the way, if you are a network marketer, I am excited to be sharing the stage with Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and others next month in Vegas at my buddy Eric Worre’s Network Marketing Pro event. Here is another article loaded with advice from Mr Kiyosaki – 20 Tips for Network Marketing

Steve Martin and Tips for Network Marketing (or ANY Profession really)

Here’s my take on his advice.

  1. What if we approached our life or business in the way he described as simply trying to be really, really good at what we do? Over time you would get there, no matter what your goals are.
  2. Like Steve, people come to me everyday looking for the quick secret and never want to hear how many videos, blogs, home meetings, webinars that I had to do nor how many courses, coaches, books I had to go through to get to where I am.
  3. If you watch his longer interview (which you can on Charlie Rose’s youtube channel here), Steve, also like me, talks about how he wasn’t born with a lot of talent. He talks about how talented his parents were but how he couldn’t sing or play instruments naturally and had to learn by grinding out in practicing. Many of you know my story of how I used to be terrified of public speaking, it took years and years to get past that fear by continuously pushing past my anxiety and getting in front of people

So how about we all just work on getting really, really good at what we are doing and we drop our addiction to it happening fast? Time is going to pass anyway. Instead of constantly being disappointed that your goals didn’t happen overnight, how about we all just focus on improvement?

If you got value from this, share it. Drop me a comment below. Here’s to YOU becoming so good that the world cannot ignore YOU!

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